Life is Divine Play

I have only read the introductory pages of this book, but I am already in love! Janet Conner–thank you!

I do not “pick teams” when it comes to spiritual teachers. I believe the truth is the truth and it has been expressed in many different ways.

I have painted Buddha for about a year now and while painting him and be having his image in my space I feel a calmness and grounded-ness that is unique to his image.

This blog post is simply to share with you Janet’s wise words, “AT THE SOUL LEVEL, LIFE IS DIVINE PLAY.” Writing AND painting reconnect you to that playful, childlike, soul who remembered where-you-came-from-and-where-you-are-going SELF. It is not about doing it perfectly or profitably or productively–but about doing it playfully, joyfully, and gratefully. The arts connect you to that spirit. So if you think you never could or would…reconsider and open up to more play…beauty…and…abundance.


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