Life as Your Vision Quest: A New Look at Balance

Did you know that, when your eyes are open, you the sense of vision is responsible for at least 2/3rds of the electrical impulses in your brain? 

This means that both what you choose to look at AND what attracts your eye are significant factors in what you are thinking, feeling, processing. 

It is also why I love looking at my life as a Vision Quest, calling on the visual language of symbols to guide me–especially when some kind of change is at the top of the list. 

I want to share an example. 

Since New Moons are all about change–what do you want to grow or expand in your life?–I often go on a Vision Quest through oracle cards and my own paintings to integrate or understand what energies are circling around me, wanting to play. 

Recently, to celebrate a new moon, I picked 6 different oracle cards. I love picking at least three because you can usually see a repeating theme. This time ALL 6 cards had to do with balance. 

The overarching theme around balance was a call to BE a balance of heaven and earth. Can you be the embodied union of light and matter? 

In Super Soul Flow, the meditations and the journey that is this online program, is all about adopting the truth that you are 1st and Infinite Being who is 2nd having a human experience. 

A lot shifts when you look at life from this angle–as an Infinite Being…do you really care about…? 

As an Infinite Being…do you believe this is ALL that is available to you? 

So I welcomed the call to BE more in BALANCE with my earth and heaven energies! 

Then, a couple days later, without a thought about the theme of balance, I chose to paint the Goddess Nut in my art journal for my morning painting meditation in the Vision Quest I am doing alongside my current Creatively Fit Coaches in training. I started with words of intention, painted black over the words, lightly outlined Nut in her familiar backbend and then went to my friend Mellisae Lucia’s Oracle of Initiation book to look up Nut. 

Whaaaaat!? Nut was there as the guide for the card: Balance of Balance! Balance again! 

Here is the finished (for now) Nut painting…

Then, I played with some filters and got this version that has Nut mirrored…

And then here is one of the cards that was part of my New Moon spread…it is about the union of YOU as heaven AND earth.

An open door. A new beginning, with Nut as my guide and the New Moon energies to support me. 

This New Moon, almost unintentional, Vision Quest has inspired me to truly focus my attention on bringing myself into my next level of balance right now. 

Like Nut’s pose in this painting, can you open to receive the guidance and support that is being offered to you visually, through symbols, images and colors? I promise when you do, you will discover a new inner strength to propel your life into your most Inspired Life right now!

Paint Nut and share it with me. See what musings come to you as you paint her. There is so much… 

Thank you for joining me today! I would love to hear your comments below. 

Your muse, 

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