Letting Go…The Top 5 Things to Let Go

Letting Go….

The TOP 5 Things to Let Go

By Whitney Freya, excerpt from The Purpose Project (read more…)

This is it! It all comes down to these five things. In the 12 Step Purpose Project, you have created such an awareness around the ways in which you sever the connection between your physical self and our energetic, spiritual self.

You are now able to let go of fears, limiting beliefs and old patterns.

What we also know for sure is that it is a constant practice and an ongoing creative process to stay centered in our most authentic, powerful self.

Now, we invite you to allow your inner knowing to bubble to the surface and illuminate for your where any of these five energies are pulling you off your center. Reclaim the joy and wonder of life, like the image above of my daughter just after her first step! You still have that energy within you! Take this awareness and focus into your next chapter, the new year, and grab onto and focus on that which serves you!

Drumroll please…..


#5       FEAR of the UNKNOWN

“It’s always been this way….”

“What you resist persists.”

When you began your Purpose Project you opened up to a brand new year as creators of your soul’s journey. You came here to conquer fear.


What do I fear?

Where am I resisting change?








#4       LOGIC without SOUL

“I should….” Or

“It should….” Or

“They should….”


Maggie’s story in Step 3 reminded us that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, or at the preferred pace, but we can learn to trust the timing.


In Step 7, John Cali shared with us: You have all chosen this particular incarnation because you wanted to more fully remember the power and wisdom you have within you. You will have “arrived” when you begin to see the thinning of the veil—the veil you have placed between yourselves and God. You need no longer search for answers outside yourselves. You need no authority or power beyond that within yourselves. You have it all right there.

When am I doing something half-hearted?

Where do I spend my time doing things that I really wish I wasn’t doing, out of obligation rather than a sense of purpose?

Where am I saying “yes” when I should say  “no?”

Where do I feel anxiety because my actions are not aligned with my inner knowing?









Where are you following “tradition” that no longer serves?

“It was supposed to….”

“It’s always been this way….”

Where have you ignored the “gift” in a negative   situation?


Remember the “energetic markers” from Step 11? In Step 5 Don Miguel Ruiz reminded us of the power of the illusion and how we create our stories.









#2       A CLOSED MIND

We are moving from an age of duality into one characterized by non-duality. All year we have intended to let go of the inner critic that limits our potential.

In Step 9 we learned about our quantum mind and its infinite nature.


Where have I judged myself into a corner?

Where do I want to learn NEW things?

How can I open up more fully to my infinite potential?









#1       The little YOU

You now know for sure, without a doubt, that you have a purpose.

You now know for sure that you have access to the infinite part of you and the divine knowing and wisdom that comes from that “eagle’s eye”   perspective.

In Step 2 we gave up complaining. And we now know, from LOA, that complaining only attracts more of that which we are complaining about! Yikes!

In Step 10 we validated our desires and learned how we are cutting ourselves off from living as energy, the patterns and “gremlins” that block   us from our “BIG you.”


Where am I making excuses?

How am I cutting myself off from my deepest desires?

Where am I playing small? Where and how can I play BIG!?








Coming up we will explore ways in which you can create a daily ritual around Letting Go. You may want to write your answers above on paper and then burn them. You may be able to take yourself back to the origination of your limiting beliefs or negative self-talk and “paint over” what no longer serves you.


When we let go we can make room for the NEW.


Why not let go of the little you and believe in the BIG YOU? Why not? I think you can handle bigger fun, bigger joy, bigger dreams…don’t you?


heARTfully yours,

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