Kick A%S Poem to Inspire you as a LIFE ARTIST

I SO SO love this! And if you are an awakening #lifeartist, I know you will too! One of my Creatively Fit Coaches shared this with me and it is by  Sarah Harvey.

I’m not creative, you say.
I’m not artistic, you say.
I can’t make anything beautiful, you say.
You don’t have to, I say.
Life will do that for you, I say.
Your life is your canvas.
Your moments are masterpieces.
And don’t you forget it.
Yes, life is pain.
We all f*cking know that.
But, life is also art.
More than anything
In this troubled world
We must remember that
Life is art.
Let us paint slowly
And with great joy.
Let us paint recklessly
And with great passion.
Let us paint quietly
And with great precision.
Let us paint fiercely
And with our whole hearts.
Let us paint.
Let us
Because your life is your canvas.
Your moments are masterpieces.
And don’t you forget it.
With the empty excuses
And pathetic attempts
To explain away and extinguish
That creative spark in your soul.
With the vapid amusements
To distract you
From the sacred beauty left lifeless
Within your wanting heart.
Enough already.
Let’s force our shy, starving hearts out of hiding.
Let’s unbind our spirits from the painful chains of repression.
Let’s fling our wild souls in the forest and let them frolic forever.
Let’s f*cking live boldly.
Let’s build a life that
Makes our hearts smile
Rather than weep.
Because smiling hearts a better world do make.
And, after all,
Your life is your canvas.
Your moments are masterpieces.
Don’t you forget it.

A’Ho! My Creatively Fit Coaches and I are passionate about guiding you into this kind of relationship with PAINT!

Comment below if you want to learn more, questions, etc…


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