Frequently asked questions and quickey answers about becoming a Certified Creatively Fit Coach.

How would you sum up what a Creatively Fit coach does?

Teach and coach others thru the metaphoric medium of art

Model creative risk taking as a way to build confidence in art and life

Tap into your own deepest creative solutions while supporting others in theirs

Use the power of energy healing thru the medium of art making and meditation

Creatively Fit coaches around the world are using their trainings  in a myriad of ways. They are helping their students …

Be bold in art and life by using creative processes for making decisions

Change circumstances that are holding them back in business, health, and happiness

Relax into who they are thru the message and healing that creativity offers

Have more fun and feel more alive due to creative expression and self awareness

The Creatively Fit Certification Training is experienced online or at limited in person trainings. All trainings include …

Coaching and guidance by Whitney herself, for now…..!

Easy processes to engage your students in creativity and self -growth

Monthly conference calls with other wildly creative coaches

Graphics and branded promotional materials for your own website or business

Memberships and Affiliate status with the Whitney Freya branded company

Go here to meet other Creatively Fit coaches and learn how they are using their training.

Just the facts ma’am!

3 month program

Bi monthly conference calls

Receive my book, training manuals and video

One of the most affordable coach training programs out there

Ready to explore your creative potential even more?

Creatively Fit FAQ

WHO wants to become a Creatively Fit Coach? Therapists, life coaches, counselors, and teachers have taken the training as a full business or complement to their prior trainings. Artists who want to teach a more empowered, life-centered style of art class.  Anyone interested in adding a unique modality to their desire to help others are interested in becoming a Creatively Fit Certified Coach.

Do I need any art experience? Not at all. Whitney opened her first art center, The Creative Fitness Center, in May 1996 with NO formal art training. She had been a wanna-be artist up until opening the art center! Her story has encouraged others to be creatively brave and yours will too

Is the training held at a particular time each day / week? You can do the training on your own schedule! You will receive course content in your email box every three days. You also have access to all the content from the coaching online group site. The Group Calls are every two to three weeks and offered at two different times. Then, you will schedule your one-on-one calls with Whitney at times that work ideally for both of you.

What can I do with the CF Coaching Certification once I have completed the training? We want you to share what you have learned and experienced with as many people as possible. You have ultimate freedom in how you move forward in your creative coaching career. Whitney helps you follow your own “open doors” and “follow the energy” so you can create the biggest impact in others’ lives as possible.