Imagination & Creating your heART Centered Life – Part 1

What comes to mind when you read the word, IMAGINATION?

Really. Take a moment to register what comes to mind when you utter the word.

Do you feel like it applies to you, is important to you, or could help you in your “real” life? Or does it feel like a word from your childhood, a word that only applies to “real” artists, or a word to add to the list of other things that would be nice to do if you were independently wealthy or stranded on a desert island?

I recently read this excerpt from DL Zeta’s eBook, The Future is Here Now:

Your ability to expand your present moment is largely dependent on your willingness to travel through the doorway of imagination.

There’s a thoughtform on earth that whatever resides in the realm of imagination is “not real” or “made up.” Those who belittle the workings of the imagination are limiting themselves to a purely physical-based existence.

The imagination is the doorway to true spiritual liberation and transcendence. It’s the imagination that expands the consciousness into new realms and thoughtforms that create new pathways in the mind and spirit.

The person who cultivates an active and vivid imagination is able to join hands with their past and future to being their point of power (the present moment) to a laser focus for creating the highest good for themselves and all others. It’s this laser beam of conscious, clear vision that has the power to heal you at all levels and transport you into a future of joy and well being.

I read this piece recently after following an entire train of thought of mine that was reassuring me that if I imagined “it” (whatever it is) that “it” is real. Just by the act of imagining I can create new realities, anything! I can create new confidence in what my future might look like if I spend more time imagining it. I can align with the vibration of what I am imagining simply by spending time imagining “it.”

Here is where the rubber meets the road with this theory…. (in case you are rolling your eyes)

Pick something that you WANT to happen in your future. Now, I WANT to be able to fly like a bird, but that is probably not a good example for now. I do WANT to be hired for more speaking appearances. So, if I choose to spend time really IMAGINING myself doing just that it will certainly be more likely to happen.

Maybe you WANT a new job that is more fun, closer to home, or that will enable you to earn a greater income.

Maybe you WANT to feel more connected with your kids, to have the guts to speak your truth in a tough situation, or to learn a new hobby.

What do we tend to do?

We tend to imagine all the reasons why we can’t, why it won’t work, why we aren’t _____ enough….

Am I right? Why do we do this?

In 1950 Ben Hogan won the US Open Championship just over a year after he suffered a near fatal car crash where he and his wife collided head on into a bus! He was severely injured, suffered blood clots, and was told he may never walk again. How did he do it? He IMAGINED playing golf every day. He IMAGINED every hole on the US Open course, and he IMAGINED his comeback.

You could think of the thoughts in your mind as images, or paintings on canvas. Would you ever paint a picture or hang an image in your home that portrayed worry, stress, suffering, rejection, or failure?

So why would we do that with the art that is our lives? Why do I waste valuable time and energy imagining what I will do if things don’t work, rather than getting excited to spend time imagining all the fun and abundance I have ahead!?

How can we get better at using our imaginations to create the life that we desire?

  • We can spend more time doing it…
  • We can spend more time in activity that stimulates our imagination (ahem, painting, creating)…
  • We can create symbols and images to display around our space to remind us of the future towards which we want to be moving.

Join me in this journey by commenting below on what you want to imagine more of, or imagine happening, in your life. Together, we can cheer each other on and support our intentions. Enjoy Part TWO of these musings HERE.

Artfully yours,

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