Imagination & Creating Your heART Centered Life – Part 3

The foundational Creativity Workouts from my Creatively Fit Online Program are now wrapped up in the power of our imagination. We have attached an “Imagination Goal” to each exercise in our art journal or on the canvas to reinforce our desires, replace any negative or self-sabotaging thoughts with self-serving thoughts, and to simply spend MORE time imagining our future BEST case scenario rather than the default mode of worrying about what will happen when we don’t live into our desires. Powerful.

For example, I have 3 Imagination Goals. I have a color now associated with each one. I doodle that color while listening to the song on my “Imagine Playlist” that I have assigned to that particular vision. Now, when I even see that color I am reminded of the future that I am CONSCIOUSLY creating. Fun! Here is my yellow “Cover a Page with Color” that is attached to my #1 Imagination Goal:

Then, this is how I created a different, painted version of this same exercise for the same Imagination Goal:

And here is my Face Collage Creativity Workout for the same Imagination Goal…

She is speaking to me of a VERY bright future! I better get my shades! All of these Creativity Workouts and more are the content of my book, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit.

The other super important element of this program, one that has been another of my big ah-hah’s, is that by focusing, imagining, more of what I desire has also illuminated for me how I am ALREADY living these desires AND what actions I can take right now to feed that energy. At the core, all of our desires and goals are attached to an EMOTION, not a thing. So YOU can create that emotion, the activity that will put you into that emotion now, right now.

Think about that right now. What is your biggest “Goal” or desire and what is the EMOTION at the root of that goal? Is it freedom, acceptance, the desire to share? Then, how can you FEEL free, accepted or give yourself the opportunity to share TODAY?

I absolutely LOVE sharing this with you all! Thank you for reading and please comment below–what is the FEELING you want more of today? If you would like some help with this, some accountability or guidance, contact me from the contact page to learn more about working with me one-on-one, to get my personal recommendation about which program to join first, or joining me for our next Creatively Fit Coaching Certification.


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