How to Use Tilt Shift for Beautiful Photos

I remember when my photographer friend, Kristen Roedner, introduced me to the “Tilt Shift” editing feature in Instagram–it changed everything! Magic is at your fingertips!

I want to help you discover the magic too…

Here is a before picture of my Owl Planter…

Here it is after Tilt Shift (and probably after bumping up the color saturation too)…

Here is a step-by-step in Instagram.

#1 Select your photo to post on Instagram.

#2 Click Edit at the bottom (it goes to Filter by default). You can choose a filter first and then go to Edit or vice versa. “Tilt Shift” is here under Edit.

See how in the first flower image above everything is in focus and below it fades…

#3 Once in Tilt Shift, you can choose from the radial or linear magical-misty pattern. In the owl I chose the radial. That way the very center, where you align the circle, is focused and it radiates out to the misty-magical.

In the image below, I used the “Linear” option and you can see how the whole left side of the photo is in focus and it radiates the misty-magical linearly to the right.

I hope you enjoy Tilt Shift as much as I do!

Check out Kristen on Facebook HERE.  She took this pic of me and Allison Crow at our Paint Big Retreat! LOVE!

Thank you for joining me and The Creatively Fit Coaching Tribe for the “Celebrate the ART that is your LIFE” Photo Quest! Have fun creating magic with your images!


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