How to Paint Elephants

I am over the FULL MOON excited about a NEW project some of the Creatively Fit Coaches and I just created–The CCFC Design House is on the move! Check out our ELEPHANT LOVE inspired NEW product HERE!!! Woohooo!

This “Love Bug” Elephant painting is so fun. Thought I would share the step-by step with you today to inspire your own Personal Painting Practice.

This first pic is a LARGE, unstretched canvas (approx 5′ x 6′) that we co-created at The Paint Big Retreat with Allison Crow! I loved it so much and then we tore it into 12 pieces so that we could each take a bit of the magic home from our collaborative creative juju.

My 1/12th of the fun became these two LOVE BUGS!

I LOVED how the chevrons met in the middle where they are snuggling!

I can’t over-emphasize the power of LAYERING!!! One of the first AH-HAH’s I had when I started painting at age 26 months before opening my first art center was that it was all about LAYERING…I had just been stopping too soon!

I had to CROWN our Queen Elephant!

Finished! Elephants embody the energy of Divine Mother Love! Their migrations across Africa have helped us to keep that energy flowing–of course, their migrations have been stifled and blocked.

Now WE can learn from the elephants and BE our own MIGRATION OF LOVE!

Paint an elephant or two this weekend and share your images! You can see LOTS of elephant paintings from our tribe of Creatively Fit Coaches by searching #elephantlove and #artreach.

Do you know about VISION QUEST? It starts February 8th. Your logical mind is dying for a break and for you to let go of any fear of the blank canvas, of making a mistake, of comparing your creations to others, and GET INTO your own FLOW! If you Vision Quest with ME, you will also become a Certified Creatively Fit Coach and be able to guide others, expand your own business, and bust out of your routine in a full color, Rainbow Warrior way!

Sending you all lots and lots of Freya Elephant LOVE today!

This is me, my daughters and our friend Lisa after creating some change on her big, white cast! TOO fun! Women circling up to love and inspire each other!

LOVE to you all!

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