How to Paint a Mandala

If I had to share anything with you all first that will truly create some fabulous energy in your life in 2016, it is the MANDALA.

I held this Google Hangout, earlier in the year, to inspire your mandala painting practice.  Creating mandalas is a sacred practice that is ancient and in your cellular knowing whether you are aware of it or not. It is also SUPER effective to bringing your awareness to the PRESENT moment. Being present is where we can access the infinite possibilities all around us and feelings of calm and contentment!

Enjoy the video!

After the Google Hangout (find me on Google+ HERE), I painted the right mandala white.

I like the look that it is just appearing out from the background.

One thing I teach my clients in my Group Coaching (The Creatively Fit Coaching) and one-on-one sessions is that “What is in the way IS the way.” It is about looking at the parts of your #artlife that you are resisting or that are feeling like obstacles or stumbling blocks. I know you have those! I do!

Everything changes when you remember that everything that has caused you stress, anger, hurt, pain…has ACTUALLY been there to love you and help you love YOURSELF even more!

~Whitney Freya

What if all those “unwanted” events, relationships, experiences… were there to guide you, help you, inspire you, strengthen you?

See how that changes everything? On the other side of “that thing” that you hate, that bugs you, that keeps coming up…is the personal breakthrough, or the personal breakthrough that you desire.

The amazing thing is that instead of tackling that big, hairy ball of @#$%!! you can start by creating what you WANT on the canvas.

This is what I teach the Creatively Fit Coaches and my one-on-one clients when I am able to go deeper and really translate for them how their Creative Spirit is trying to guide and co-create with them. It is so amazingly fun and accessible. The less painting experience you have, the better.

How does it get any better than that!?

Here’s how…ANOTHER step-by-step #mandalapainting!

Here is the painting finished…

Contact me about my Commissioned Magical Manifesting Mandala Paintings or how I can coach YOU through the process…Comment below or go to the contact page.

Following are more examples of mandala paintings! I love the infinite possibilities that are so clearly illustrated in this process!

Step #1

Doodle, paint, stencil, in a radial pattern, like this close up below…

Another Step #1

This is a canvas that hangs in my kitchen and we paint over and over it. Below you see how I painted light circles in white to help guide my mandala painting.

Step #2

Create a fun first layer in a RADIAL PATTERN.

Step #2

Once you feel like the first layer is “fun”  enough, outline your mandala design–stay as big as possible. It is easier to add the detail later.

Step #3

Play, play, play again! This means paint fun into each, individual shape in the mandala design.

Here is another mandala I call my “Tribal Mandala.” See all the fun in each shape?!

Here is my LOTUS Mandala…notice how the lotus petals get bigger and line up with the tips of the previous lotus petals.

There are SO many ways to paint mandalas!!!

Comment below and let me know how your mandala painting is going or what questions you have about exploring the canvas. I would love nothing more!


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