How to do the Soul Scribble

I was on the road recently, traveling to visit different Creatively Fit Coaches and leading workshops. And I was scribbling all along the way!

Soul Scribbles (or Scribble Drawings) is a fabulous tool to use with your coaching clients, or anyone you are guiding to a new level of empowerment. It is a “back door” to our unconscious mind, helping us to identify new angles, ideas or insights into what our right hemisphere (there to perfectly balance the logical mind) wants us to know right now.



1st: Simply make a mark, a scribble, with your eyes CLOSED on a piece of paper. Any size paper and any type of pen, pencil or marker will do.

2nd: Open your eyes.

3rd: Ask yourself, “What does this make me think of?”

4th: Allow your left brain to contribute “See, you can’t even see anything!” and politely ask it to take a well deserved rest.

5th: Rotate the paper for a different perspective if you still can’t see anything.

6th: Don’t judge what you see. Just start to turn the scribble into an angel, dragon, bunny, truck, etc.

7th: Add to the scribble–accessorize!–for at least 3 minutes.

8th: Ask yourself, “What is the message?” Try stream of consciousness writing around the scribble. Here are some examples.


The other factor is that our SOUL, or our unconscious awareness, ALWAYS wants us to lighten up and enjoy the journey!

For this Soul Scribble below, I was scribbling with a group of Shelby Frago’s clients (Shelby is a Creatively Fit Coach on Bainbridge Island, WA). Shelby’s website is so we asked our Soul, “What energy would expand my INTREPID JOY?”

How perfect is this…

The message I got was to protect and pursue my INTREPID JOY fiercely!

Think about it…how easy is it to put off the things that fill us up because of all the to-do lists? What if your JOY to-do’s were treated with just as much importance as the others? Yes!

You can do these Soul Scribbles by yourself or with a group. Either way, the first step is to do a super quick SCRIBBLE. See the turquoise line in the image below. That was my first scribble. Since I was doing this with a group, I then passed it to my left and that person looked for an image of something in the scribble. It is like the cloud game. Then after just 30 seconds or so we passed it again, until it got all the way around to me again. Then, I wrote down the first five words that came to mind and titled it. “Yin Yang Super Powers” reminded me that I can be both sweet and cuddly and fierce! See a theme here?

This final Soul Scribble was back to PLAY PLAY PLAY!

The beauty of the shift that we are all experiencing is that we are being given a brand new opportunity to pursue our passion and our joy! Most of us were not raised this way, but it is the new potential in this current reality. A lot of us, on either end of the coaching spectrum, are in the process of adjusting from the “old paradigm” structure of work hard, pay your dues, linear model, to the current paradigm which is much more fluid and open.

These Soul Scribbles represent a NEW way to “figure things out.”

Here is another DRAGON that came out recently.

Another fun one… I first asked, “Why the Duck?” Then, I heard loud and clear, “Water off a duck’s back…”

In this video, you can watch some beginners with the Soul Scribble! I think they are having fun!



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