How to Create More Big Magical Love

When you are feeling DOWN you are being shown

ANOTHER part of you that wants your love…

I am reading the book Whatever Arises, Love THAT by Matt Kahn. As I was writing in my journal yesterday morning, inspired by Matt’s musings, I had an ah-hah that connected to one of my favorite “”Life / Art Lessons.”


We learn how to love ourselves more fully by understanding where we did not get the “color” of love that we wanted from others. I explain more in this video as I PAINT contrast. Enjoy!

So I just wanted listening ears…

NOW I get to create that love for myself! GEE, I love the way I look at life!

What is it for you? What do you want to create MORE of in your life?

Thank you for being here

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Introducing Susan Kizaric

Introducing Susan Kizaric

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