How to Boost Your Intuition

Some of you are reading this because of my note to you on…

All of you are here because you would like to strengthen the super power that you have that is your INTUITION. The triple spiral is a sacred symbol that can be engaged to literally amplify the connection you have with your conscious mind and your intuitive mind. In this post, I want to give you examples of how to “work with” this (and others) sacred symbols.

THIS is how passionate I am about the triple spiral symbol AND about my intuitive powers!

Do you know what INTUITION is? It has been misrepresented in our cultural stories and folklore–old women, mothers, psychics…have it. Practical, responsible, logical, educated people don’t.  However, our stories are changing. The Harvard Business Review newsletter announced a couple of years ago that unless you learned how to pay attention to your intuition you would be missing out on business opportunities!

Here are some examples of how your INTUITION is waiting to help you out!

  • When you are making ANY decisions, what FEELS right is just as important as what looks right on paper, etc. Sometimes the most logical move isn’t the one that will serve your highest and greatest good.
  • When someone “randomly” crossed your mind, call them. Either they need you right now or you need them.
  • You suddenly have an urge to go to a different coffee place (fill in the blank) and there you bump into an old friend, biz colleague who had just the insight or opportunity for which you were looking.
  • If you manage, coach, raise, or interact with people in any capacity your intuition will deliver to your lips the perfect things to say or inspiration to do the perfect thing that really helps those around you.
  • Your intuition, in the form of your body’s feelings, is constantly telling you what you body needs or doesn’t need.
  • And “random” strong feeling is urging you to tune in, pay attention, and cast your net of awareness wider to get the information you really need right now.
  • When entering into ANY kind of contract, your intuition will be screaming at you if it is not in your best interest–you will feel it in your gut.
  • Check out this article, 13 Examples of Intuition… for more insight.

The triple spiral is a sacred system for the Divine Mother and intuition. It has been carved into stone walls, caves where the divine feminine was honored, for tens of thousands of years. It vibrates with an energy (as everything is energy) that attunes your energy and the energy of your environment to resonate with your intuitive nature.

It is in your nature to be intuitive–just as it is in your nature to be logical, to be loving, to be courageous, etc.

This painting below is one I created to hang in my main living and work space so that my coaching and training would be infused with my Higher Self knowing. I fully know that I am a channel for the “work” (more like play) that I do because I am constantly receiving instant understanding around a situation, instant clarity, or a flow of words out of my mouth that I have never before thought or learned but are perfect for the situation.

This is how I started the triple spiral painting… It is all about spending TIME with the symbol, meditating on it, soaking up its energy just by being in its presence.

The following image is a page in my watercolor journal. It is a painting from my 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge. Make sure you have joined my email list to receive information about our next challenge!

Here is  suggested ARTUAL for you to strengthen your intuition… 

1. Light a candle, incense…light something (fire is the element of inspiration). This engages your own “sacred spark” and will help illuminate new abilities and insights for you and burn away anything that no longer serves you.

2. Take five deep breaths. Deep breaths are the universal sign to your soul’s awareness that you are calling it in. 5 is a number of change. You want to create change.

3. Say out loud, “I recognize and honor myself as an intuitive being. I ask for my (whatever works for you–angels, guides, soul, God, Goddess) for increased intuitive energy. Thank you for amplifying my intuition so I can live more fully in my truth and serve others to the best of my ability.”

3. In a journal, or on watercolor paper, draw the triple spiral. Repeat it and repeat it until you have a triple spiral that makes you happy. You will FEEL it.

4. Then add color to your triple spiral drawing. Add patterns, more colors, more spirals around it. Remember, it is not about creating a pretty triple spiral product–it is about spending time engaging with the sacred symbol of intuition.

I can’t wait to read your comments below about your experience.

I do have a line of Artual Sacred Symbol Stencils and the 6 stencil set INCLUDES a triple spiral stencil! How perfect is that!? You can view them all HERE. 

Thank you for choosing to expand your super powers, the medicines you have in your medicine bag, the tools in your tool belt–we all thank you!


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