How Owls Spoke to Me

In my recent teleclass, Expand Your Life Coaching Biz, I shared how you can use the language of symbols in your own life and to share with  your clients to access new ways of knowing.

I have worked with lots of symbols since this awareness of the power of this language of our right hemisphere, intuitive mind, was given to me, but the first symbol that spoke to me LOUDLY was the owl.

I started painting owls sometime in early 2010. Here are what some of my first owls looked like…. This is an image of several of them in process.

Here is a finished owl… (prints are for sale HERE.)

Aren’t they sweet!? These were painted before I had any clue as to the WHY I was painting owls. I really loved this next one. It’s a bit more serious, Maybe?

I painted owls with LOTS of people!!!

This one was a bit more Egyptian.

When I started working with a Shaman, and spiritual coach in October 2011, Kimberely Arana of Unshakable Soul, she told me that my guide had been sending the owls. I painted this one for her…

In January 2014, I launched my new website (this one) with my own personal rebrand, taking Whitney Freya as my name after becoming un-married. I painted this “Elemental Animal Totem Painting” and the OWL was, of course, the AIR element. You can watch the videos of this painting being created on my NEXUS site. Click REGISTER NOW at the top of the page at and then click on GROUPS, and the Elemental Totem Painting Group.

Art Gypsy Owl

This is the first time I had ever painted an owl FLYING!!!

Do you see the symbolism there!?

So what symbol has been coming up for you?

You can access my eBook on Sacred Symbols HERE and learn more about some symbols, including the triple spiral symbol I mentioned in the call.

Please comment below to share what symbols are catching your eye lately or to ask me for a specific symbol that can help you create change in an area of your life!

Thank you for joining the conversation,

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