Have an Artual pARTy

What is an “Artual pARTy?”

It is like “tupperware” for the creatively conscious!

Gather your friends, bring out the wine glasses, and let’s talk sacred symbols, energy healing, our soul’s “knowing,” and let’s PLAY!

Whitney Freya loves to hold these pARTies when she is traveling, or ANY of her Creatively Fit Coaches can also bring this fun, inspiring, and new experience to your GNO!

What do we do during the pARTy?”

~We will have a fun conversation around why SACRED SYMBOLS are such a powerful tool for all of us.

~We will talk about the meaning of the sacred symbols in the Artual line.

~You and your friends will be able to ask for a sacred symbol that will serve your own highest and greatest good for a question, life situation, or challenge that you have.

~We will create with the Artual Sacred Symbol Stencils so that each person leaves with an energetic tool that they can use at home!

~You can choose to bring blank greeting cards, tote bags, t-shirts, or your JEANS (!!!) to create with the Artual stencils (one set gifted to hostess to use during the pARTy).

~The Artual Set of Stencils will be available for purchase, along with other Artual products (we are always creating!).

What do I do as a hostess? 

It’s as easy as inviting your friends over (they can each bring wine or snacks, etc.) for a fun night full of creative energy!

You invite your friends, gather whatever medium you want to use with the stencils (blank cards, blank anything!), and we bring the stencils (your set as a gift), the paints, and other necessary supplies.


Contact us at connect@whitneyfreya.com to schedule your Artual pARTy! 

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