Fun with Yupo Paper & Brusho Colours

Last night Mellissae Lucia and I had a blast playing with color and flow and the alchemy that is created with paint and Yupo!

I created this fun dude! What does he have to say to you??

Yupo is a smooth, coated type of paper so the color sits on top and shifts and changes as it flows and dries.

Here is my dude closer to the beginning…

Even with watercolor you can layer and layer and layer!

Now these paints I was using are epic–and weird.

The #BrushoColours come in little buckets of colored powder!

I just dipped my wet brush right into the powder–with a light touch and not dripping wet. Sometimes after dipping in the powder I also dipped gently into my water. It was delicious!
Look at this close up of my dude…

Isn’t that too cool how the colors merge. AND after the colors dried I would go back in with a damp brush, not too wet, to pull up some of the color. Unlimited possibilities!

Here is one of Mellissae’s most tremendous horses…

More importantly, as we painted we immersed ourselves in the energy of possibility.

In my Creatively Got Coaching Certification I initiate you into this new level of creativity–it’s no longer about product, it’s about energy.

Feelings of “I’m not enough,” or “It (whatever that is for you) will never work…” are replaced with “there is SO much possibility!”

It is our creative spirit that is required to create change in your life–to get you over whatever “bridge” and into more-of-what-you-want!

If you want to learn more about the Creatively Fit Coaching Certification, go here to read more (and fill out the survey).  Next training begins February 8th!
Have a most creative and colorful “Freya Friday!”

Super Awesome LOVE to you all,

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