Everything is available to you…

I want to offer you my best HAPPINESS tip for you today.

I can’t wait to read your comments below about how this inspires a BIG SMILE today!

I want to tell you with as much heART & soul as I can infuse into these words…AND please receive the energy and the feeling behind this statement:

EVERYTHING is available to you.

How does that feel? Keep reading this email if you want a mini-abundance session…

EVERYTHING is available to you.

Where does your mind go to after reading that statement?

EVERYTHING? Hmmm…money, houses, clothing, Jimmy Choo shoes!?

We know none of that stuff alone guarantees happiness. Right?

EVERYTHING? What about joy, passion, sadness, grief, freedom, peace, worry, anxiety, frustration, excitement…

EVERYTHING, even the car, the house…is ENERGY right?

None of us dream of being rich, in a big house, and being a stingy, over-protective, fearful person. Right?

When you are “rich” how do you want to FEEL?

Really? Imagine into that. For me, it is feeling FREE!

When you have realized your greatest dreams…how will you FEEL?

Now! Is that FEELING available to you right now??


What are all the ways you can connect to that feeling now???
I choose to do and BE in ways that generate the feeling of FREEDOM!
(that’s why I am always shooting my videos out on my hikes!—I am FREE to do that!)

What are all the ways you can EXPERIENCE that feeling now?
What brings you JOY now?
What makes you feel abundant NOW?
What are you FREE to do or say or feel right NOW?

No matter WHAT is going on outside of you, YOU can choose your state of being.

AND you can learn to get better and better and better at choosing (because you say so) what your state of being is going to be…right now! Today! At the meeting! In the class! At the family dinner!

Now, we weren’t taught this in school or at home around the dinner table. AND that’s ok. It is available to us now.

Would YOU like to feel completely empowered in each and every moment to CHOOSE the energy, or the feeling, that you experience?

Do you imagine that your life may change a bit, get a little happier, a bit higher vibration, when you learn to choose love over fear, possibility over worry, compassion over frustration?


In the fall of 2016, I was given an entirely new personal practice to share with YOU now.

I was told that it was not for everyone AND that the right people would be attracted to me to learn this personal practice.

And here we are.

If you understand that life is about learning and growing and expanding…
If you VALUE being happy and learning how to get even happier…
If you are READY to be even more FULLY you and experience MORE of what turns you on…


If you are one of my fellow Rainbow Warriors who has always known, since you were little, that there was so much more going on than around us than we understand, then I want to invite you to be among the first souls on this planet to get in flow…

We call it Super Soul Flow!

You are invited to join me in the brand new Super Soul Flow Meditation Course.

GO HERE to learn more and FEEL into it…you will know.

LOVE to you!

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