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“Join Whitney Freya at a live event, workshop or retreat for an immersion into your creative flow!”
LIVE Workshops with Whitney

You can join Whitney in one of her LIVE Workshops around the world. Pick a destination you want to visit, or the closest location to your home and treat yourself to one of those “I-can’t-imagine-what-life-would-be-like-if-I-hadn’t-gone-to-that-workshop!” experiences!





This year Whitney begins the pARTy to celebrate her third book, Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brush Stroke at a Time! See below for upcoming events.



Choose Your Rise Above Painting Experience!

Whitney Freya is offering workshops and retreats inspired by her new book, Rise Above, and her new passion for Sound “Baths” (Tibetan singing bowls, drums, etc.) and guided meditations.

Immerse yourself in painting as meditation, painting as energy work and painting as a personal journey. It’s time for you to “get your wings!!!” In this one day workshop, Whitney Freya will shower you in vibration (through sound journeys and guided meditations), color and magic. How are you being called to Rise Above?

As you paint your life-size “angel wings” canvas, you will experience a raising of your vibration, an elevation of your belief into what is available to you now, and a renewed ability to let go of whatever is no longer serving you.




Towson, MD February 9th . Plaza Artist Materials 1:00p to 4:00p $59.95 + includes  supplies and a copy of Rise Above! Book signing FREE 4-5p. Call to register: 410-823-6406

Northern, VA February 10th, 2018 . Workhouse Arts Center . FULL!  Go HERE to read more and register for the Paint Your Wings Workshop at the Workhouse site.

Rockville, MD February 11th . Plaza Artist Materials 1:00p to 4:00p $59.95 + includes  supplies and a copy of Rise Above! Book signing FREE 4-5p. Call to register: 301-770-0500

NEW YORK CITY . February 13th 6:30 to 9:30p . Fierce Freedom with Lainie LOVE Dalby and Jen Mazer. Register HERE.



San Jose, CA . February 17th at the School of Visual Philosophy. Rise Above Animal Totem Painting Workshop! Read more and REGISTER HERE.

Old Towne Orange, CA . March 9-10th with Creatively Fit Coach Erna van Dyk. $191 BRING your own canvas. Read more and REGISTER HERE.

Isle La Motte, Vermont . May 19th and 20th . WEEKEND RETREAT $333 or $275 Early Bird (register by March 1st). Read more and REGISTER HERE.



Wallowa, OR August 2018. eARTh Wisdom Retreat

There is no greater teacher than Mother eARTh.

In this immersive, wilderness experience, you will come into a new, intimate relationship with your own true nature and receive guidance and clarity around your next calling.

This is for current change agents and heart centered leaders. YOU need support as well. YOU juggle a lot. YOU will love unplugging and exploring these magical mountains.

Read more HERE and pick a time to talk with her to learn more HERE.

You have to see that this is where you will be…

“Imagination is your ticket to ride on a reality that makes you happy from the inside” ~Whitney Freya


Seattle, WA . November 10th-11th Creativity Weekend with Camp Souldust . Join Whitney Freya + Mellissae Lucia for WAY too much fun. Read more and REGISTER HERE.


Private Virtual Workshops with Whitney

Whitney connects with many other change agents and creative souls around the world who are on a mission of their own, but they have yet to experience their own Personal Painting Practice. This 2-part Virtual Workshop is intended for those who want to get the maximum learning with Whitney, in a way that fits their schedule. You WILL LEARN everything you need to know to master the blank canvas and EXPAND your creative abilities, inspiring new results in the ART that is YOUR life. Email us at connect(at) for more information.

You opened up a world to me that I never knew existed for myself. A world of using creativity as a way to calm the stress of my mind. I had been searching for years to calm my inner self …did yoga, meditation (tried to do them consistently but struggled!) but it wasn’t until I found you and your left and right brain message that I finally found what my deep inner self was looking for. You taught me that creativity was a huge missing link in my life and you changed my life by showing that I am creative (something I never thought I was!). ~Renée Yemma, LA

You help me see and feel possibility. ~Shelby Frago, Bainbridge Island, WA

Whitney, you demystify art-making and make it accessible to everyone. This is your special gift to the world. You do it so gracefully and graciously, anyone can feel worthy of receiving your gifts. You keep it fun and there are no performance expectations. This is why I love to play with you. ~John Rodriguez, AUS


Starlight Studio

I want Whitney all to myself! 

Whitney accepts just three “Inner Inner Circle” clients  into her Starlight Studio private coaching program each quarter. You have created success in your life. You have mastered “the game.” You have experienced all the fulfillment that the external world has to offer. Now you understand that the next journey is within. The quest is to connect on a visceral level with your Soul so that you can co-create together what you came here to do in this lifetime. Starlight Studio refers to the space Whitney will guide you to create room in your home or office where you WILL bring heaven down to your space on Earth. To receive more information please send an inquiry to connect(at)



Hello all, Whitney here. I am so excited to see you and grow with you at an event or training. Even though my deepest wish for you is inner peace, I go about it in a pretty diverse way and am usually up to something! I must admit that my inner muse does not like to sit around too much. I am infinitely inspired to throw on my paint layered overalls , push my sleeves up , and get heart deep into the canvas that is your life. Who would I be without you after all?

Make no mistake, although I can talk about my mission until the paint cracks and the masterpiece is in the museum, you are the reason I teach. Your children are the reason I teach. Helping oppressed women in Africa find their creative freedom is the reason I teach. Allowing men and women in cubicle nation to join as one creative voice and for people’s ideas to count is the reason I teach. For Source and spirit is the reason I teach, my most powerful muse, and to feel it’s presence in my life,  I am devoted.

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Join Whitney’s online Buddha Painting Program!

You will be amazed when you see the Buddha paintings created by complete beginners!


The best part is the peace and centeredness that you create as you paint Buddha.

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