Elephant Love & Your Own Migration from Mind to heART

Why do we love elephants so much!? Maybe it is because they love US so much!

Please join Antonella Bargione and I for a conversation about her recent retreat, The March of the Matriarchs, to Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe (an elephant sanctuary ) and insight into how the elephants are mirroring our next steps, our next steps in our own human “migration to love.”

Marietta van der Werff was Antonella’s partner in the March of the Matriarchs, and an incredible woman!

Join Antonella Bargione on her FB page, Water, Light & the Art of Freedom.

Here are some of the other things we mention in the video:

The Father Bede Griffiths video can be accessed HERE. Be sure to watch the first 5 minutes for sure!

I mentioned creating elemental altars in your home to connect with Mother Earth energy.

This is my water altar on the west side of my home.

Air is east.

Fire is south.

Earth is north.

And here are some elephant paintings to inspire your own Personal Painting Practice.

You can paint elephants to ground into your heart, to attract insight from these compassionate beings.

I would love to see your paintings!

We created an entire herd of elephants in our Elephant Love Postcard Box Set! So fun! Check it out on Amazon when you search “Whitney Freya.

My 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge is available to you right now and is SO liberating! Check it out here. Thank you for joining me here!


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