Do OPEN Spaces Create Overwhelm or Inspiration? 

We live in a tremendously abundant Universe! This means that right now we have access to EVERYTHING! Sometimes that can get overwhelming! Was it easier for our mothers? I still remember my mom telling me that when she was in college it was pretty much a choice between being a teacher or a nurse! 

When you find yourself in one of life’s blank spaces it is your mindset that will determine whether you feel lost or inspired. I know for me it is a daily, often hourly choice, to choose to approach all of the ambiguity (ahem! I mean opportunity) from my love based, right brain! This is the part of my mind that LOVES the wide open spaces and doesn’t freak out! 

So if you find yourself in freak out because you have too much going on or you don’t know where to start, take a deep breath and doodle, paint, take a walk, look at pretty pictures…anything to get you out of your logical mind–that’s the part that is freaking out.
Here’s to less freak outs and more inspiration! 

This is why we Vision Quest! Read more here…

Love & heART,

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