Develop Your Intuition with the Story Card “Creativity Workout”

Writing your story with pictures is a “backdoor” technique to approaching the story of YOU and to developing your intuitive power! I wanted to share images of my “story cards” that I created at the “Creating Your Story” Retreat that I held in Nashville with Minton SparksWriting your story with pictures is so easy–we like easy!  The pictures lead to thoughts and ideas, images, descriptive words, memories AND they access your subconscious(images have been scientifically proven to communicate easier with your subconscious mind than words, written or spoken), or intuitive mind.

When I attended the Women and Power Conference at the Omega Institute, many women spoke about the power of our story–your story. Writing your story with pictures may be a fun first step for you to take towards exploring the events of your life, the twists and turns, and understanding that it has all been happening for a reason and IS leading you somewhere….


All you need to do to write your story with pictures is to…

  • grab your old magazines,
  • a glue stick and some paper
  • and start tearing out images that speak to you.

There were some pictures I saw that I liked, but they did not call to me to tear them out. Others were so obviously destined for my story as soon as I turned the page of the magazine.

After you tear out a nice stack of pictures…

  • sort them. Let them find their place. You will naturally imagine certain pictures along side other, your brain is automatically searching for patterns and relationships amidst the images.
  • If you pay attention to these “intuitive” inclinations, the pictures that are coming together will start to form your story.
  • Then arrange the images onto a “card” or piece of watercolor paper, cut out cereal box, cardboard box scrap.

If the message doesn’t come to you right away, do not worry. Give them time, and your intuitive mind time, to speak to you. It can be wild to look back on these story cards months later and register the immediate flash of knowing that was not available the moment you created them.

These Story Cards are each 5″ x 8″. They each communicated something totally different to me–or reminded me of part of my story. The top one is “All About Me”! A theme for me lately is to take care of myself, and not put everyone else first. The middle card spoke to me of the ancient wisdom that is being revealed through the art making, wisdom that is now available to us all. We have made art longer than a monetary system OR a written language! There is a reason for that…we are supposed to remember that now. The last card spoke to me of transitions…a city building from a “wall” to “art”, a tree in winter to a leafy, green tree…my own transition that happened when I moved from urban Nashville to the wild west of NE Oregon!

Our lives follow certain patterns. Look at your life as a story, as art, and so many things make so much more sense, right? There needs to be challenge and adventure…light and dark spaces…a quest, a journey, obstacles and the “reward”.

The three cards above were created back in 2010, as was most of the writing above. Now, in 2014, these cards below were created by my Wild Woman Workshop I taught with Sheena LaShay in Brooklyn. We were all meditating on what gets us stuck–or what we can CREATE to get UNstuck!

For example, the middle card below, “I am infinite,” reminds me that I am not a limited being and that when I am feeling stuck, I can access the flow and remember not to struggle…that it can be easy. See how these work. I would love to see yours! Blog about your story cards and then post the link to your site below so we can all share them with you!

Your intuition is pure power. Wisdom. You can access it more and more as you stimulate your whole mind, your wise mind, valuing and celebrating your “right brain” knowing.

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“Life is the canvas of your soul.” This I know for sure. HeARTfully,

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