Day 2 Kathmandu! 

I love to travel & add new “colors” to my life’s “palette.” My new Art Gypsy series (filmed in Greece and Guatemala so far) are an opportunity for you to join me as we explore the beauty of our Mother eARTh! Enjoy this excerpt from my travels to Nepal.

I’m in Kathmandu, Nepal for the first time ever because 16 months ago when my friend Puja told me her vision of bringing more creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship to Nepal I said, “When do you want to do it? WE can do this!”


See how easy it is to create adventure in the art that is your life?! Listen, listen to another’s dreams and then create the space for them to take the first step!

Here are Puja and I today in front of a temple to Ganesh…


But let me start at the beginning of today… Harpal and I were up early so we set out to explore our new neighborhood.


They just celebrated New Year (Buddhist calendar style) so there are metallic decor everywhere. Love it! Bright shiny objects! 

Then, I spied an interesting alley that led to a fresh food market! I was in heaven…

This little boy looked really OVER tidying up the onions! 

Then, we found The Chai Guy!! 

This is the REAL thing! We sat there for a while and we all laughed as the milk boiled over–the universal language of Chai! 

Creativeness Fest starts tomorrow and we are christening a new event space that involves shipping containers and a brand new conference / stage / tent that is still being erected!!! We are NOT stressed…we’re in Kathmandu! 

Here I am with the art store man, Sushil! So nice! 

After we paid for all the supplies (thanks to all of you who donated) we walked around the adjoining market and visited the temples.

Now I have to go set up my painting / shipping container!!! 

Stay tuned for more photos. Love to you all!!

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