Creating Your Sacred Space

In 2010 I started painting owls. I painted a lot of owls. I couldn’t even imagine why everyone didn’t just always paint owls.

Then, one day, just because it came to me, I googled “the goddess of art.” Who do you think? Athena. Who does she always have on her shoulder? Her owl.

That is when I first tuned in to sacred symbols and to looking deeper into the opportunity to paint to connect to the sacred.

Three years later, I launched Artual…art + ritual. And I get the feeling again that the magic is just beginning. Thank you for watching…

See more examples of the sacred fun here.

Thank you for opening up to and inspiring your sacred spark.


Wild Woman & Starry Eyes Inspiration

Wild Woman & Starry Eyes Inspiration

I opened up the email arriving to my in-box for Day #15 of my own 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge and read this quote from Clara Pinkola Estes:  With the wild nature as ally and teacher we see not through two eyes but through the many eyes of intuition. With...

3 Ways to Cultivate Presence

3 Ways to Cultivate Presence

Becoming present is all about cultivating awareness and becoming your own witness. The more often you can connect to the present moment, the easier it becomes to detach from past / future thinking that can keep you stuck or create obstacles on your path forward. #1...