Creating Self Love and Healing Your Inner Idealist

I am excited for you to watch this video…have you ever been called idealistic? Have you been accused of having your head in the clouds? This is for you…

I painted this HEART without thinking too hard about what to paint where–that is my favorite way to paint.

When I was called to surround the heart with black, it made me think of being a light (or color) in the dark. Our idealistic visions are illuminating our path out of the shadow.

When I added the white and colored lines shooting out from the heart, I thought of how each time you expect life to be better, kinder, more loving and compassionate, you are radiating that energy out into the world–and it DOES impact those that choose to focus on what is wrong.

It’s all about a balance.

Without your idealistic visions those future realities could never come true.

You are a creative pioneer (watch this video if those words resonate with you) who is here to “remember” a future that is based in love.

And it starts within each of you, of us, first.

This is why we create SELF-LOVE. When you love YOU, everything else flows…

Please join us in the Super Soul Flow Program today. Go HERE to learn more!

BIG love to you all! Go paint a heart!

P.S. You can watch video #1 in this self-love series here and video #2 here.

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