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Denmark . Nigeria . Croatia . Canada . Washington DC.  New York City . New Orleans . Nashville . California Virginia . North Carolina . Chicago . South Africa . Toronto . Vancouver, B.C. . Italy . Hungary . Zimbabwe

Over 170 inspired souls have been certified as Creatively Fit Coaches. Meet some of them below. Ready for big change in your life? All coaches use the Creatively Fit model to bring CHANGE into your life in a fun and exciting way.


Kirsten Malinee
“Imagination is the beginning of creation.” ~ George Bernard Shaw Kirsten Malinee is a performing artist, actress, and director in Columbia, MO. She was born and raised on the stage and loves coaching performers of all kinds to own their creative power. “Creatively Fit taught me that my soul requires conscious acts of creation every day in order to feel awake, aware, and fulfilled. Performers spend so much time and energy waiting to be chosen – waiting for someone else to give them the opportunity to share their talent with the world. Creatively Fit shows them how to choose themselves.” You can get in touch with Kirsten and browse her iPhoneography gallery on her website, The Creative Freedom Project, at CreativeFreedomProject.com.

Angela Murray is an experienced coach and intuitive artist.  She is inspiring her clients in New Zealand to transform their lives by guiding them to access their infinite creative potential.  She hosts creative workshops where her ‘Tribe’ of Creative Adventurers come together to have fun, sketch, doodle, journal, paint, get messy and create change.  Angela has a warm and down to earth coaching style and she believes in the power of creativity, in a safe supportive environment, to help clients become the happiest version of themselves. Angela-Murray.com

Vidette Vanderweide is an author, speaker, & TV host.  She authored the book, S.O.U.L. Mama & hosts of The Reinvention Channel. She is in the Top 50 “Mom Run Businesses in the U.S.” & shares her experiential, practical & universal biz knowledge to create a “perfect storm” of strategies & new paradigms to her readers and viewers. VidetteVanderweide

Desiree East
“The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind….” – Terence McKenna . Desiree loves all things to do with art, nature, & beauty. As an artist & educator, wisdom has taught me that sharing my passion for creativity empowers others to grow within their hearts, minds, & souls.” DesireeEast

Tiffany Josephs is a trailblazer for awakened hearts who are ready to evolve into their true soul being.  A former minister, marketing manager and corporate change expert, she has diverse experience in searching for her own glass slipper and now she guides others to their own truth. TiffanyJosephs.com

Theresa Ceniccola is The Christian Mompreneur—a Mentor to Moms Who are Running a Business that Supports Faith and Family. As the president and founder of the International Christian Mompreneur Network, she empowers entrepreneurial moms to build profitable businesses with wisdom and grace. TheresaCeniccola.com

Erna van Dyk is the heart of Happiness Transform Art Studio, offering intuitive mixed media painting classes and workshops in Orange County.  She knows that art has the power to heal, soothe and transform the spirit. The mixed media artist hails from South Africa, where she studied graphic design & owned her own business. HappinessTransform

Christine Kortbein
“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time!”— Thomas Merton
Christine holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Art Therapy and has been helping to guide clients’ personal growth through art since 1989. She has provided Art Therapy to hospital psychiatric units, in schools, through the Hospice program and at the Sauk County Jail. She is also a Certified Zentangles Teacher.

Kathy Strauss is an award-winning photographer and entrepreneur improving the world through her art. First, as a designer and art director for World Bank and USAID, and now as a creative coach helping others energize and innovate by viewing things from a right brain perspective. imagewrks.net/about/about-kathy

Prerna Poojara is from India and is the founder of Infinite Buddhas of Compassion Project and 108 Ganeshas Project, and a Creatively Fit Coach. She is an intuitive painter and loves everything mythical. She ran an outdoor media business for almost 2 decades,before embracing her soul as an Artist. Get to know Prerna at artoholicslair.blogspot.in

Joy and judgment cannot co-exist at the same time. Judgment is easy. We have to cultivate joy.” ~Tzabia

As The Food Coach, Tzabia moves easily between art and science, spirit and groundedness as she coaches her clients to love their body, food and their life. Nutritionist, weight loss specialist and author of Jump Off the Diet Treadmill, she brings nourishment to the table with healthy eating and free-flowin’ creativity. www.foodcoach.ca

Brenda is living her passion to create, to teach, to share, and to inspire others towards their creativity. Her spiritual life is connected to nature and she loves to share the special moments. Joy is her compass! She is an enthusiast of animals, gardens, art and all things metaphysical. brenda-artinnature.blogspot.com

Kerry Garner Venter is a visionary thought leader in the field of conscious leadership development and whole brain creativity. She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders access, leverage, and monetize their unique contribution by becoming ConsciouslyFIT™ through tapping into their creativity.   www.consciouslyfit.com

Celebrating ART, creating and joy every day. This is what motivates Christine Pensa. She is a Creatively Fit Coach and founder of Art That Moves and Om for your Home (Etsy). She teaches adults and children how to connect to their own “artist within” in Toronto, Canada. She is always encouraging others, “Sing your own beautiful note.”  She has recently created a 6 week youth program that more CF Coaches are excited to use in their own communities. Read more at ArtThatMoves.ca.

Michele Fawcett is a writer, poet, artist and all-around creative spirit. Her first collection of poetry, “The Real Princess Story” was published August 2013 and is available for purchase on Amazon. Michele is a wife and mother and focuses most of her spare time on her blog, The Dreaming Dilettante which shares her journey living a creative life. If you want to be more creative in your writing, Michele is the Creatively Fit Coach for you.

Isabelle wants you to know that you are “so much bigger than you think” you are. She is the mother of 2, a Self-Exploration Workshop and SoulCollage® Facilitator, and a Yoga Teacher.   She approaches art as a practice, a gateway to one’s Soul and Inner Wisdom with expressive mandalas and intuitive painting.  Get to know Isabelle at heartinspiredlife.blogspot.ca.

Paola Fabbri is pioneering Creatively Fit in Italy, training Creatively Fit Coaches in Italian!

Cheryl Cope www.cherylcope.com
I am a Christian Women’s Life Coach helping women achieve closer intimacy with God through my private and group coaching programs for spiritual formation (spiritual growth), life purpose, weight loss and creativity (the visual arts).

Michelle Walker – a leader of engaging activities to help you get your CREATIVE on and make the change you want. She has a background in applied science, visual arts and business management. She specializes in the field of graphic facilitation, creative and visual thinking which she brings to strategic planning and visioning, change management and team building. www.curiousmindsco.com.au

Steve Garvin is a writer, journaler, and artist. He uses creative exercises to facilitate self expression and self care. He coaches people how to appreciate themselves for who they are and the unique gifts they have brought to the world. He focuses on helping people going through crisis or suffering with periods of depression. You can find more at SpillingInkStudio.com.

Robin Chellis is serving Light Workers, healers and leaders with her activating Light Codes and energetic art for abundance, alignment and ascension. Her Auroric Facets™ are like Life Wheels in LIGHT, and act as a container and guide for the multi-dimensional journey beyond the physical realms and into the etheric realms. She provides deeply nourishing experiences helping you to embody more of you, activating deep connections within and awakening more of your spiritual and creative facets. www.robinchellis.com.