I had to share with you this concept of WORDLESSNESS that I just read in Martha Beck’s book Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, Reclaim Your True Nature to Create the Life You Want. You will LOVE how this feels when you “try it on.”

Wordlessness is accessible when we take the time, or choose the activity, to follow ourselves within, past the to-do lists, monkey mind, inner critic, and the worry. It is where we tap into our greatest reservoir of knowing. It is there that we connect with our “true nature.”

Wordlessness is what we learn as we get Creatively Fit and what, as Creatively Fit Coaches, we are inspired to share with each of you (scroll down for important info. re. our next Creatively Fit Coaching Training).

Martha Beck writes about a conversation between Carl Jung and Chief Mountain Lake:

“They say they think with their heads,responded Mountain Lake.
“Why of course,” said Jung. “What do you think with?”
“We think here,” said Chief Mountain Lake, and he pointed to his heart.
This is the key to Wordlessness, according to wayfinders from all times and places–and it’s not just metaphorical. To navigate the wild world you need to move your basic perceptual and analytical thinking out of your head and into the whole inner space of the body.

Wordlessness is a KNOWING. It is something felt within every cell of your being. When you tune into and learn to follow this knowing, miracles unfold and bloom all around you.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Yossi Ghinsberg and in the conclusion of his book he writes:

“I have experienced miracles first-hand, and tried time & again to use reasonable explanations to deny or believe until my mind tired. Now, no explanations are needed. I do not deny and I do not believe; I simply know miracles to be a part of the world I live in.”

Sounds like he is talking about WORDLESSNESS, right?

Then, later in her book Martha Beck shares that she uses imagery, drawing, painting, etc. to facilitate her students entering into Wordlessness:

She helps “people make images in order to enter Wordlessness. The powerful right-hemisphere brain dynamics that occur when we create visual images are the reason Tibetan monks and Navajo medicine men make sand paintings and medieval priests spent such enormous amounts of time creating sumptuously illuminated manuscripts. The main point isn’t the physical product, but the brain state you must reach and hold to make it.”

THIS is what inspires me daily…to SHARE with you how to strengthen the part of your mind that can lead to accessing this Wordlessness–connecting to your infinite heart, and stepping into your true nature. THIS is why The Creatively Fit Program exists (read more…) and why the Creatively Fit Coaching Training is so powerful…NOW we GET TO remember the power of imagery, symbols and our creative abilities to take us “home.”

How does it get any better than that?

I hope you are inspired and encouraged that there is a simple, fun, and FULL COLOR way to access your own knowing, create more miracles, and align with your “true nature.” Sign up for the Creatively Fit Program today OR if you are interested in becoming a Creatively Fit Coach you will want to register now.

What I know for sure is that more and more we are going to be made aware of the infinite creative potential we all have within. We nurture this potential by expanding our awareness and our daily practice of living…we learn to imagine in our minds the pictures we want to attract into our future. We learn to speak the language of symbols and to create the energy we want around and within us.

Thank you for enabling me to spend my time sharing this inspiration with you and if you are like me, and so excited about inspiring the art that is your life, I would love you to join me in the Creatively Fit Coaching Program.

What I know for sure is that YOU have an infinite heART.

heARTfully yours,