Whitney’s Recommended Paint Supplies

Whitney’s Recommended Paint Supplies

Whitney’s Recommended Paint Supplies

My Recommended Painting Supplies


  1. I love these from NicPro and use them for acrylic and more detailed watercolor: https://amzn.to/3pabItC
  2. I also enjoy this set by BOSOBO! https://amzn.to/3o0ckT0

Acrylic Paints:

  1. This set from Artezza has lots of colors and is fun! https://amzn.to/3HV777b
  2. And this is an Artezza set that has fewer colors and would work great: https://amzn.to/3D29L7h
  3. I also often use the Studio Acrylics from Dick Blick in titanium white, mars black, magenta, primary red, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, cadmium yellow light and I also like payne’s grey.


  1. I really love, and try to only paint on, “gallery wrapped” canvas. The edges are wide / thick and look great hanging on the wall without a frame. This set is great: https://amzn.to/3D29L7h
  2. Especially starting, learning… allow yourself thee freedom to paint on anything! Anything you already have, that fits your budget, etc. There are no “have-to’s” when it comes to painting (anything, really!)!!
  3. I also enjoy painting on unstretched canvas that normally comes in rolls. I do like the heavyweight canvas from DicckBlick: https://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-premier-heavyweight-cotton-canvas-rolls/
  4. GenieCanvas.com sells canvas that comes in a tube and easily rolls out into a nice, gallery wrapped canvas. This is great if you might need to ship your canvas due to moving or selling! They are a bit more expensive but SO worth it if you want to paint big and then be able to ship easily.


  1. THIS is by far my favorite set and what I always use for pan watercolors. They are Pelikan Opaque watercolors: https://amzn.to/3D6gPzH
  2. Brusho Crystal Colours is what we use in Art Gypsy Greece . The Watercolor Experience: https://amzn.to/3p6Y0ri
  3. My favorite watercolor AND painting journal is this one by Moleskine. It is nice and BIG and takes all media: https://amzn.to/3nZfs1r



  1. I do not buy paper towels anymore, so I use old t-shirts, rags, etc. I clean paint off my brushes on my paint pants (most of them all) or an apron. Also, you can have your next canvas ready to go and use it to paint off extra paint and skip the water completely.
  2. I use meat trays or tofu containers for palettes. I try to use recycled objects as much as possible.


Hope this helps! The links above are my Amazon associates links.

Can’t wait to see you in the STUDIO!



Martha Beck Video on Revolutionary Change

Martha Beck Video on Revolutionary Change

Martha Beck Video on Revolutionary Change

This is brilliant and EXACTLY why I have been guiding you to live as LIFE ARTISTS since 1996. Watch…watch…yay!

“Rainbow Warriors” are the “blue water” that Martha illustrates here. We raise OUR vibration, individually and then collectively by BEING the change we want to see in our world.

Rise Above, my new book, is exactly the journey you can take to BE the “blue water!” Check it out HERE.

I train coaches, healers, artists, yoginis…to use the art of painting as the modality to accelerate this exact process that Martha describes here. We create art classes for people who want to create happier, more fulfilling and FUN lives!

Life magic is all around us! Learn more about my Creatively Fit Coaching Certification HERE.

Go, world!!!!!


PAINT Your Dreams Come True 

PAINT Your Dreams Come True 

PAINT Your Dreams Come True 

Paint a dream catcher and layer in your dreams and future visions… Law of Attraction says that if you focus on something for 17 seconds the law kicks in, hold it for 68 seconds and things start to move–imagine focusing on it throughout the entire painting process!? BOOM!

You may have been taught a story around creativity that said the only ones who “should” create are the ones who have talent…after all, their talent may transform into dollars. If you can’t trade what you create for dollars then you shouldn’t bother. 

Never mind that creating makes you feel alive.

Never mind that creating is what you do every time you solve a problem or turn an idea into reality. 

Never mind that everything around you and most of the thoughts and ideas have been CREATED by someone…because you are easier to control if you don’t create anything new yourself–we’ll tell you everyone you need to know. 

That is the old story. 

Nothing wrong with it, but now we know a new story.

You are here in this life, in this tremendously physical and sensual world, TO CREATE.

Quantum Physics has proven that you create your reality. 

You now have developed the sensitive and the awareness of the energy you create with your thoughts and attitudes and how what you think is created into your space. 

You have been liberated from the rules of tradition and roles. 

The glass ceiling has been lifted, the bubble burst–truly, we have seen the BIG MAGIC waiting for all of us just outside our comfort zone, on the other side of “ordinary.”

Now the canvas becomes a portal, the painting process meditation and a journey into the depths of your being where you are not afraid to declare what you deeply desire, what your Soul longs to experience THROUGH you in this life! 

The first step is to FREE your mind. 

Create the energy of freedom. 

Meditate on all the ways you are free from what others expect of you, or what you thought you “should” do.

Your creative spirit is not here to help you produce product that will convert into $$$.

Your creative spirit is here to co-create the art that is your LIFE with you. 

You create your life each day–are you doing it without awareness or WITH awareness? 

Learn to cultivate and grow this powerful awareness now with Whitney Freya. 

Her personal invitation is here…

How to do the Soul Scribble

How to do the Soul Scribble

How to do the Soul Scribble

I was on the road recently, traveling to visit different Creatively Fit Coaches and leading workshops. And I was scribbling all along the way!

Soul Scribbles (or Scribble Drawings) is a fabulous tool to use with your coaching clients, or anyone you are guiding to a new level of empowerment. It is a “back door” to our unconscious mind, helping us to identify new angles, ideas or insights into what our right hemisphere (there to perfectly balance the logical mind) wants us to know right now.



1st: Simply make a mark, a scribble, with your eyes CLOSED on a piece of paper. Any size paper and any type of pen, pencil or marker will do.

2nd: Open your eyes.

3rd: Ask yourself, “What does this make me think of?”

4th: Allow your left brain to contribute “See, you can’t even see anything!” and politely ask it to take a well deserved rest.

5th: Rotate the paper for a different perspective if you still can’t see anything.

6th: Don’t judge what you see. Just start to turn the scribble into an angel, dragon, bunny, truck, etc.

7th: Add to the scribble–accessorize!–for at least 3 minutes.

8th: Ask yourself, “What is the message?” Try stream of consciousness writing around the scribble. Here are some examples.


The other factor is that our SOUL, or our unconscious awareness, ALWAYS wants us to lighten up and enjoy the journey!

For this Soul Scribble below, I was scribbling with a group of Shelby Frago’s clients (Shelby is a Creatively Fit Coach on Bainbridge Island, WA). Shelby’s website is www.IntrepidJoy.com so we asked our Soul, “What energy would expand my INTREPID JOY?”

How perfect is this…

The message I got was to protect and pursue my INTREPID JOY fiercely!

Think about it…how easy is it to put off the things that fill us up because of all the to-do lists? What if your JOY to-do’s were treated with just as much importance as the others? Yes!

You can do these Soul Scribbles by yourself or with a group. Either way, the first step is to do a super quick SCRIBBLE. See the turquoise line in the image below. That was my first scribble. Since I was doing this with a group, I then passed it to my left and that person looked for an image of something in the scribble. It is like the cloud game. Then after just 30 seconds or so we passed it again, until it got all the way around to me again. Then, I wrote down the first five words that came to mind and titled it. “Yin Yang Super Powers” reminded me that I can be both sweet and cuddly and fierce! See a theme here?

This final Soul Scribble was back to PLAY PLAY PLAY!

The beauty of the shift that we are all experiencing is that we are being given a brand new opportunity to pursue our passion and our joy! Most of us were not raised this way, but it is the new potential in this current reality. A lot of us, on either end of the coaching spectrum, are in the process of adjusting from the “old paradigm” structure of work hard, pay your dues, linear model, to the current paradigm which is much more fluid and open.

These Soul Scribbles represent a NEW way to “figure things out.”

Here is another DRAGON that came out recently.

Another fun one… I first asked, “Why the Duck?” Then, I heard loud and clear, “Water off a duck’s back…”

In this video, you can watch some beginners with the Soul Scribble! I think they are having fun!



How to do the Paper Weaving Creativity Workout

How to do the Paper Weaving Creativity Workout

How to do the Paper Weaving Creativity Workout

This is an excerpt from my book, The Artist Within, A Guide to Becoming Creatively Fit by Whitney Ferre’

Chapter 11                                                         Paper Weaving

Getting back the WOW!

Design Principle:  Contrast

Do not fear mistakes—there are none.  –Miles Davis

I have created this project hundreds of times, with all ages.  My latest epiphany during a Paper Weaving Workout was that it is all about contrast.  The contrast is the “WOW!”  It is what makes it fun.  When you bring the element of contrast into your life, you are not taking away from an element in your life, you are complimenting it. Your artist within wants you to appreciate your work by making sure you have time to play.    It wants your time relaxing to contrast your intense, stressful moments.  Your artist within would argue that you can’t have one without the other.  Without contrast your life would be wallpaper, the same elements repeating themselves over and over again with no variation or break in routine.  The masterpiece you are painting, the masterpiece that is your life, is not wallpaper.  It has light areas and dark areas, color and shadow, big things and small details.  Without the contrast it would not hold the viewers’ attention.  It would pass in and out of their field of vision without causing even a ripple of interest.  It is easy to make sure that your life’s canvas catches the eye, holds one’s attention and stimulates new thoughts or ideas, feelings and emotions.  Simply add some contrast.


I have led toddlers and corporate groups through this paper weaving exercise.  In both cases, before the papers are cut into strips and woven together, they are standard fare.  The toddlers’ scribbles are familiar and the corporate adults make jokes about their lack of artistic ability.  But when those papers are cut into strips and woven together, they become FABULOUS!  Toddlers’ weavings are framed and given as gifts and the corporate group huddles around and plans where their masterpiece is going to hang back at headquarters.  Something almost magical has happened.  We have taken two ordinary things (scribbled-on paper) and turned into something extraordinary.  Why is that?

CONTRAST.  When you look at the pieces woven together and how unrelated parts of a design have become intimately attached in the over/under process, it holds your attention.  “Look at that red next to that green!”  “Look at that dark line peeking in and out, every other strip, from behind the dusty purple and yellow paint splats!”  There is the  texture of the woven papers, the subtle shadows cast by one strip on top of another.  We can also create contrast in our lives.  If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk during the day, go rock climbing in the evening.  If you manage people all day long, finding a quiet nook in the library might be a welcome reprieve.  We all know a hot bath can contrast a busy household or hectic workday beautifully.  A woman I got to know at The Creative Fitness Center learned that art helped her to manage her grief.

Before I started taking classes at tHE aRT hOUSE, I had always considered myself, if not creative, at least crafty. I was a writer at some point in my life, but making a living got in the way.  So going to art classes was a little scary– I hadn’t done anything creative in at least 5 years.  I felt very self-conscious and pressed to perform, but Whitney really took the worry about me out of the situation, and let the taking care of me start. This time last year I was 5 months pregnant. I lost the baby. I found someplace I didn’t need to talk with words that let me focus on something other than grief for 2 hours a week. That place was tHE aRT hOUSE. Now I’m even considering writing again. Maybe!

-Amy B.


Amy needed a distraction to be able to better manage her despair at the loss of her baby.  She needed an activity that would dramatically contrast the rest of her daily activity and give her a reprieve from the sadness.  Unless you are a full time artist, creating with art materials is probably a dramatic contrast for you.  Most adults I meet have not touched art materials in decades.  Many used to, but that was before school or kids or an art teacher that made a creatively scarring comment.  Amy never used to paint a lot, but last year she painted with me for two hours a week.  She painted several paintings for her new home and for her husband’s office.  I am also happy to report that as I type she is home with a newborn baby boy.  Not that the creative exercises had anything to do with that, but it is creative and it is a happy ending!  It was not always easy for her to carve two hours out of her week, but she knew it was an important element in her life.  She needed that time and the contrast to balance the rest of her time spent at work and with her family.  How did you score on the contrast segment of the diagnostic?  Think about your day to day routine.  Let’s shake it up a bit….

You are going to create different, or contrasting, designs on two different sheets of paper.  To begin, we are going to use color to create contrast, but once you do this exercise once, you will see all of the possibilities.  I will outline those possibilities at the end of this chapter, but for now, let’s talk about color.  We are going to use warm and cool colors to create contrast in our paper weaving.

Warm colors are reds, oranges, golds, rusts, yellows, buttery creams.  Cool colors are blues, purples, greens, grays.  Of course, you can always mix colors to create warm blues or greens, or cool reds, but for our purposes in this exercise we will call warm colors red, orange and yellow and cool colors will be blue, purple and green.  Warm and cool colors CONTRAST each other.


Creativity Workout #12  .  Paper Weaving


  • 2 pieces of drawing paper
  • Crayons or oil pastels
  • Watercolors (even the grocery store kind will suffice) & brushes


  • Choose the warm colors (red, orange, yellow) from the crayon box.
  • Look at the clock and give yourself at least 3 minutes for this first paper.
  • Use your non-dominant hand to cover one paper with marks. Press hard so that your lines are dark.  This helps in the watercolor step.
  • Scribble all the way to the edge of the paper. Let one mark lead to another (just like the Creativity Workout #2 Energy Drawing).  Draw squiggles, lines, dots, zig-zags. Resist the urge to draw an object.  Start by choosing a color and placing it on the paper.  Do not pick the color up off the paper until you decide to switch colors.  Pretend you are two.
  • Cover the next sheet of paper with cool colors (purple, blue green) in the same manner. Look at the clock.  3 minutes.
        • Next, open up your watercolors and dab a little water in each pan with your brush. This gets the paint ready for your brush.  Cover the warm color paper with the same colors of paint.  If you pressed hard enough with the crayon or used oil pastel you will see your marks acting as a resist.  It gives your paper a batik effect.
        • Also, dab dots of red paint into an area you have already painted yellow. Make sure the yellow paint is still wet.  Watch the colors spread on the paper.  Layering colors like this is a good thing.  It makes any piece more interesting.  [INSERT ABOUT LOOKING FOR DIFFERENT COLORS LAYERED IN ARTWORK, ETC.  A RED APPLE ISN’T JUST RED, ETC.]
        • After you have painted both papers, cut each paper short-ways into 1” strips. Pick 6 from the warm color sheet and 6 from the cool color sheet.  Lay the 6 warm strips on the table and weave the cool colors, over under, through the grid.   You may remember this from making construction paper placemats in Kindergarten.
        • To save your weaving put a dot of glue under the end of each strip.

    I lead many corporate groups through this exercise in our studio at tHE aRT hOUSE.  They always have a blast.  One way they have adapted this exercise for their home office has made weekly meetings a lot more fun.  They each bring old memos, pages of research, old notes, newspaper articles, and instruction manuals to cut and weave at the beginning of the meeting.  Within five minutes they are able to communicate their frustrations and new ideas, while creating the desk-top weavings.  The creative energy is flowing, they are all open minded, and their meetings are unceremoniously productive.  How can you adapt this exercise in your daily routine?


     Share your paper weaving images on our FACEBOOK page! Can’t wait to see them! 

    Fun with Yupo Paper & Brusho Colours

    Fun with Yupo Paper & Brusho Colours

    Fun with Yupo Paper & Brusho Colours

    Last night Mellissae Lucia and I had a blast playing with color and flow and the alchemy that is created with paint and Yupo!

    I created this fun dude! What does he have to say to you??

    Yupo is a smooth, coated type of paper so the color sits on top and shifts and changes as it flows and dries.

    Here is my dude closer to the beginning…

    Even with watercolor you can layer and layer and layer!

    Now these paints I was using are epic–and weird.

    The #BrushoColours come in little buckets of colored powder!

    I just dipped my wet brush right into the powder–with a light touch and not dripping wet. Sometimes after dipping in the powder I also dipped gently into my water. It was delicious!
    Look at this close up of my dude…

    Isn’t that too cool how the colors merge. AND after the colors dried I would go back in with a damp brush, not too wet, to pull up some of the color. Unlimited possibilities!

    Here is one of Mellissae’s most tremendous horses…

    More importantly, as we painted we immersed ourselves in the energy of possibility.

    In my Creatively Got Coaching Certification I initiate you into this new level of creativity–it’s no longer about product, it’s about energy.

    Feelings of “I’m not enough,” or “It (whatever that is for you) will never work…” are replaced with “there is SO much possibility!”

    It is our creative spirit that is required to create change in your life–to get you over whatever “bridge” and into more-of-what-you-want!

    If you want to learn more about the Creatively Fit Coaching Certification, go here to read more (and fill out the survey).  Next training begins February 8th!
    Have a most creative and colorful “Freya Friday!”

    Super Awesome LOVE to you all,