How to Connect to Your Magical Presence

How to Connect to Your Magical Presence

How to Connect to Your Magical Presence

This painting was an entire journey during my first 5 days in Hermosa Beach last week.

Let me invite you on this Painting Journey because I know it had a message for you too, most importantly.

I posted the layers of this painting on Instagram and FB as I went with the universal messages that were coming through to me as I painted. This happens and will happen for you when you begin or revisit your own Personal Painting Practice.

I started this painting with an awareness around my desire to feel more comfortable with the unknown. You know how easy it is to worry about what to do, if “it” will work, if we have what it takes, where to start, how to make it work…what if you let go of all of that, even just for your painting time, and received, surrendered, flowed…?

I AM comfortable in the unknown.

The next day I picked a card from the Rainbow Warrior Awaken deck, New Beginning.

I painted onto the canvas, “I am fully worthy and my new beginning unfolds with success and good fortune. Breathe into my heart and allow the seeds (I’ve planted to grow abundantly).”

Sometimes you don’t feel worthy, right? Who am I to deserve radical success, recognition and opportunity? If you have any financial concerns there is a part of you that doesn’t feel worthy of financial abundance.

I AM worthy to receive whatever my heart’s desire is because I live in an infinitely abundant Universe.

The next day I had a powerful conversation with the amazing friend with whom I am staying. She kept calling me out when I was giving away my power or not realizing how powerful I am.

Do you ever forget that you are the sole creatress of your experience? Do you forget that when you declare, without a shadow of a doubt, to the Universe what you want from a place of love that it HAS to come into your experience?!

I still forget that sometimes (ahem) and I find myself using my powers to imagine what I DON’T want or making excuses ahead of time so I won’t be disappointed when what I say I want (but don’t spend as much time imagining as what I don’t want = worrying) doesn’t happen.

Have you spent your invaluable, infinite, energy really sinking into and creating the picture in your mind of WHAT YOU MOST WANT ON A HEART AND SOUL LEVEL??

This is what the last five days have been about for me. I am so grateful. This affirmation that I painted next on the canvas is my favorite for getting me back into my power.

I AM the magical presence.

This morning I woke up knowing exactly what I wanted to paint. Up until that moment, frankly, I’d been feeling a bit lost, as if I couldn’t imagine ever painting anything “worthy” on this canvas! Sound familiar?

And then, in a moment, I just knew.

My knowing was informed by two influences:

1. Mother Earth . GAIA

2. The word “magnetize.”

I’d been reading about the power of grounding and anchoring our life energy into the very iron, crystalline core of Mother Earth. Then, from that center point, imagining a vertical axis of energy going all the way through me and up to the stars.

“Magnetize” came from my incredible friend here Marie Mbouni who is a divine force of all things magical–and who just started painting this past March in my Super Soul Flow program. (She never thought she could paint! Sound familiar?)

Magnetize speaks to the law of attraction and what Einstein said above. My ah-hah this morning as soon as I woke up was that if I am grounded in the massive iron core of our Mother eARTh and sending out a super clear message about what my heART desires then I can’t help but magnetize it to me…

So I decided to paint Gaia, Mother Earth…and let her embody as well the Magical Presence that is the sun and the moon and the stars.

And as I painted I snapped pics with my new Hipstamatic photo app.

This one above is holographic! It made me think of the principle of “as above so below” and how everything is reflected in everything.

Do you know that your external experience, what is going on in your day to day life is reflective of what is going on with you, in your emotional, spiritual, mental bodies?

We live in an infinite Universe which means you, YOU, are also infinite!

Just let those words wash over you. Don’t try to figure it out. Your logical mind isn’t capable of that level of processing. ?

I AM connected to infinite possibilities.

Look at this black and white version of our magical Gaia…

…do you see how she could be created into infinite variations of color? Infinite possibilities exist even right here!

The different Hipstamatic filters illustrated this infinite possibility…

And here she is “complete” in true light.

What is your TRUTH that you want to give to this Magical Presence right now?

What threshold are you wanting to finally cross?

What life lesson do you want to learn, integrate, and move on from?

What radically delicious experience do you want to invite into your life without doubt or fear?

Follow this journey that I just shared with you and create a visual anchor that your dream can follow right down into your life.

1. Get comfortable with the unknown. Just start (painting, reading, learning, sharing) without attachment to an outcome.

2. Do whatever it takes to KNOW that you are worthy. Maybe it means getting out of your own way.

***this past week in a small group, 12 hour day with my coach Lisa Nichols, a woman asked how Lisa got rid of the nerves before she spoke. Lisa said, “you’re thinking it’s all about you. It’s not about you. You are here to serve others. Whatever you are going to say is for them, not you.” That really struck me and as soon as I realized how sharing my story (we were all waiting our turn to practice our five minute speech) would help others my fear and nerves just fell away. I got out of my own way and put my audience before me. Yes! Yes!***

3. Paint, say, meditate on…the statement that brings you into your power. I AM in my love. That is supposed to do that for you. Mine is I AM the magical presence (because I have always loved the magic).

4. Stay open to the metaphors, or images, that are going to want to come through you in this process. Again there was a split second between feeling totally lost (at the canvas, in life…) and feeling complete clarity.

5. Then, have fun! Receive the flow! Ride the wave! Don’t judge. Don’t criticize. Get curious. Ask how this experience has come here to love you!

Wow! I love this!!!

If you want to play with me in this creative, magical dimension and blow through some of those sticky fears that have been keeping you small in the process, go to and fill out the application survey for my Creatively Fot Coaching Program that starts September 11, 2015 (held three times a year, so go there anytime).

Thank YOU for magnetize for me into your life experience. You are reading this for a reason. You are loved.


How to Paint Elephants

How to Paint Elephants

How to Paint Elephants

I am over the FULL MOON excited about a NEW project some of the Creatively Fit Coaches and I just created–The CCFC Design House is on the move! Check out our ELEPHANT LOVE inspired NEW product HERE!!! Woohooo!

This “Love Bug” Elephant painting is so fun. Thought I would share the step-by step with you today to inspire your own Personal Painting Practice.

This first pic is a LARGE, unstretched canvas (approx 5′ x 6′) that we co-created at The Paint Big Retreat with Allison Crow! I loved it so much and then we tore it into 12 pieces so that we could each take a bit of the magic home from our collaborative creative juju.

My 1/12th of the fun became these two LOVE BUGS!

I LOVED how the chevrons met in the middle where they are snuggling!

I can’t over-emphasize the power of LAYERING!!! One of the first AH-HAH’s I had when I started painting at age 26 months before opening my first art center was that it was all about LAYERING…I had just been stopping too soon!

I had to CROWN our Queen Elephant!

Finished! Elephants embody the energy of Divine Mother Love! Their migrations across Africa have helped us to keep that energy flowing–of course, their migrations have been stifled and blocked.

Now WE can learn from the elephants and BE our own MIGRATION OF LOVE!

Paint an elephant or two this weekend and share your images! You can see LOTS of elephant paintings from our tribe of Creatively Fit Coaches by searching #elephantlove and #artreach.

Do you know about VISION QUEST? It starts February 8th. Your logical mind is dying for a break and for you to let go of any fear of the blank canvas, of making a mistake, of comparing your creations to others, and GET INTO your own FLOW! If you Vision Quest with ME, you will also become a Certified Creatively Fit Coach and be able to guide others, expand your own business, and bust out of your routine in a full color, Rainbow Warrior way!

Sending you all lots and lots of Freya Elephant LOVE today!

This is me, my daughters and our friend Lisa after creating some change on her big, white cast! TOO fun! Women circling up to love and inspire each other!

LOVE to you all!

Interested in my next Creatively Fit Coaching Training?

Check out the application and info HERE. 

Buy your own box of Elephant Love postcards on here

How to Create Abundance & Prosperity

How to Create Abundance & Prosperity

How to Create Abundance & Prosperity

Understand that I had no idea what I was going to paint, except that I knew I was going to start with the $$$ because that is the symbol of financial abundance. As I painted, my thoughts were guided to FLOW– LOVE–WORTH–VALUE—OWN YOUR POWER AND VALUE!

What magnificent medicine!

Are you ready to learn how you can paint for clarity, guidance and inspiration!? This painting isn’t fabulous technically. Anyone can paint the way I paint. Not convinced? I can teach you. What I LOVE LOVE is what I LEARN from each painting. 

Some of you are going to feel shivers, a deep knowing, excitement or anticipation. That is your soul sending you the message…this is for you. It is about CREATING the life of our dreams. YOU create it.

Elephant Love & Your Own Migration from Mind to heART

Elephant Love & Your Own Migration from Mind to heART

Elephant Love & Your Own Migration from Mind to heART

Why do we love elephants so much!? Maybe it is because they love US so much!

Please join Antonella Bargione and I for a conversation about her recent retreat, The March of the Matriarchs, to Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe (an elephant sanctuary ) and insight into how the elephants are mirroring our next steps, our next steps in our own human “migration to love.”

Marietta van der Werff was Antonella’s partner in the March of the Matriarchs, and an incredible woman!

Join Antonella Bargione on her FB page, Water, Light & the Art of Freedom.

Here are some of the other things we mention in the video:

The Father Bede Griffiths video can be accessed HERE. Be sure to watch the first 5 minutes for sure!

I mentioned creating elemental altars in your home to connect with Mother Earth energy.

This is my water altar on the west side of my home.

Air is east.

Fire is south.

Earth is north.

And here are some elephant paintings to inspire your own Personal Painting Practice.

You can paint elephants to ground into your heart, to attract insight from these compassionate beings.

I would love to see your paintings!

We created an entire herd of elephants in our Elephant Love Postcard Box Set! So fun! Check it out on Amazon when you search “Whitney Freya.

My 21 Day Painting Meditation Challenge is available to you right now and is SO liberating! Check it out here. Thank you for joining me here!


Mother Love

Mother Love

Mother Love

I just finished my 6th #24hourjam and thought I would share some step-by-step images of this painting that began with the infinite reality that is Mother Love–the Divine Mother Love. 

I’m going to skip the words and just show you the pictures. This painting was totally inspired by an artist I have on my Pinterest board “Art the Makes Me Go Ooooohhh!”

I have to thank Flora Bowley for letting us use her studio whole she is away caring for her wonderful mother. And such big hugs to Pixie Lighthorse, Rachel Ford, Jessica Swift, Kelly Rae Roberts, and Michelle Anita Wirta for coming and painting with me!!! Here is the progression of this one painting….

Thank you so much for visiting me! Mother Love is not for sale, but contact me for commissions or view my other work in the Shop or on The Whitney Freya Canvas Page on FB. 

heARTfully, me!

How to Paint an Elephant & Non-Duality

How to Paint an Elephant & Non-Duality

How to Paint an Elephant & Non-Duality

Helloooo! Happy Freya Friday! I recorded my musings around NON-DUALITY to share with you. Why do you care about non-duality? Let’s just say it is the BIG ELEPHANT in the “room” these days. Our entire shift…new paradigm…depends on our ability to embrace non-dual thinking.

The good news is that in a non-dual reality, there is no BAD news! Yay! Click below to listen and the yellow button to download the audio. Share your thoughts with me in the comments below. Enjoy!

The following elephant paintings are some of the elephant art I contributed to our Elephant Love Postcard Box Set. The project that is a co-creation with my Creatively Fit Coaches was inspired by Creatively Fit Coach Antonella Bargione in Zimbabwe. She was visiting an elephant sanctuary and asked if we all wanted to send something for the altar they were creating for the elephants. We created a virtual ARTreach to paint elephants and the postcard set was born! Click HERE to order your own box of elephants and join us in the Migration of Love! They are so gorgeous.

Elephants are connected to the idea of NON-DUALITY because they embody the Divine Mother Love–which is non-dual in and of itself.

I call the painting above “Happy Elephant” and the one below “Sacred Elephant.”

I call the painting below “Love Bug Elephants.” This was painted on top of a collaborative painting started at the Paint Big Retreat in mid April 2015.

Paint your elephant painting while musing on non-duality and please share with me!!!!

Sending you abundant elephant love!