#6 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

#6 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Thank you so much for joining me here! 

We are rising above this week! 


#6 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Inspired by my newest online course launching MONDAY, 1.22.24!

Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge.

Lesson SIX in Rise Above includes teachings, musings, around the energy of ABUNDANCE, as shared in the chapter of the same name in my book, Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brushstroke at a Time.

I love this discussion so so much because it is so intimately tied to my own personal journey after leaving my marriage “ranch,” 700 acres, house we built for a new life in Oregon. 

I left “it all behind” and immediately had to make my own living. And I was committed to THIS being my source of money energy. 

I had to connect to, attract and generate abundance for myself in a whole new way. 

And I discovered it is, once again, an inner journey first. The material abundance follows.

Here are the THREE ways you can generate abundance right now.  

On our journey of SELF-reclamation, feeling ABUNDANT from the inside out is both a pathway and a signpost on our journey.  

Which one of these feels the easiest to connect to? The easiest to experience right now? 


INNER ABUNDANCE “…speaks to the reality that any abundance you seek, true abundance, requires first that its source is within you…. In the example of money, you want to go underneath the surface & explore what FEELING the abundance of money will create for you. Is it freedom, creativity, excitement…? Focus on THAT energy…”

CREATIVE ABUNDANCE This is about your ability to create from an abundance of ideas! All the rules have been broken. Limiting beliefs are ideas wanting your creative attention. “Right now, at this point in space/ time history, we have unprecedented permission and opportunity to create NEw ideas that not only serve us but that can bring us freedom and joy!”

RADIANT ABUNDANCE “You have the power to radiate abundance to those around you.” You can encourage others. You can create space for their dreams and visions by asking them to describe it more and speak to its abundant possibilities. Be the energy of possibility (abundance) with those around you. What you give, you will receive.

Lesson SIX in Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge explores these 3 ways you can create ABUNDANCE right now at the canvas.

It is NOW officially time to JOIN US for  Rise Above. A Transformational Painting Challenge

On our journey of SELF-reclamation we are getting super curious about the beliefs and standards we hold ourselves to… so many of them have been learned from the outside, not sourced from our personal truth within. 

And that is fine. That is the point of this learning journey we call a lifetime. 

It’s just that now, especially since you are here reading these words, you are choosing to re-MEMBER… re-CLAIM how YOU want to live. 

ABUNDANCE, truly the greatest, most sublime version, can ONLY come from within. And when you begin to source that (I am seeing tapping a reservoir like a wellspring) this energy of abundance from within, and share it in your simple presence, attracting whatever forms of abundance you desire becomes more and more like a magnet just doing its thing! Yahoo! 


Feel free to share the image above on your social media and comment about where you are finding abundance. As an example, you have an ABUNDANCE of ways you can RADIATE abundance right now with this email! 


Thank YOU for being a part of our collective year of SELF-reclamation! 


P.S. Where do you see examples of abundance right now? I see an abundance of snowflakes outside my window, an abundance of books all around my house, and abundance of warmth, shelter, food to eat… so grateful! We are re-training our minds, our awareness, to seek out abundance rather than scarcity. WAYYY more fun! 😉

#6 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

#5 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

 If we don’t choose to do this, life does it for us . . .

Today is the day I get to start sharing this experience with you! 

Since I have been in Bali, I have been adding art journaling & meditation videos from my luscious perch in Ubud! So this course is really like two in one! A BIG canvas, acrylic painting version and an art journaling version inspired by the land, the heART and the people of Bali! 

I am excited to offer you now one of the highlights of the FIFTH lesson in Rise Above…


#5 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Inspired by my newest online course launching MONDAY, 1.22.24!

Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge.

You may be familiar with the teaching that your “external world is a mirror of your internal world.” 

Here are a couple of practical examples of how this works…


    1. Say someone gets you triggered, upset, in complaining mode because they did… acted like… said to you… The MIRROR wants to ask you, “Do you treat yourself this way?” Life is mirroring this behavior back to you so you can SEE it (just like a mirror) and then choose if you want to create change. 
    2. You know those moments, days, weeks when you feel scattered? You might find yourself misplacing things a lot, forgetting items on your schedule, etc.? Your external experience is reflecting back to you that you are not grounded. You are preoccupied (in your mind, thoughts, worries, etc.) and so you are being encouraged to slow down, ground, kind of re-create your solid foundation from which to live. 
    3. Likewise, when you are seeing _______ everywhere (whether lotus flowers, owls, spirals, stars, foxes…) and find yourself attracted to them, these symbols are mirroring back to you an aspect of YOU that is wanting attention. The lotus is encouraging you to look at challenges in your life as “rich soil from which you will grow,” owl is encouraging you to source your own inner wisdom from within or to see something that you are not seeing (vision in the darkness), etc. 

Life can also mirror back for you not so subtle or desirable guidance. 

Here’s a personal example… 

Whenever I sprain an ankle or break my wrist (which I have only done once from a paragliding landing gone wrong on my birthday summer 2022), I think to myself, “Ok, I will slow down.” I always have so many fun things to do (and of course the occasional 😂responsibility, etc.).  

JUST this past month, as I was exploring my Tarot workbook again, I noticed that my Soul Number (add up the month, day, year of your birth and keep reducing the number until you get to a single digit), the CHARIOT, which I have ALWAYS understood to be a symbol of creative change, is a symbol of the combination of MOVEMENT and STILLNESS!  Why, how had I never latched onto that before? My physical accidents were not so subtle reminders (probably in response to the sheer number of times I had read that info and not integrated the stillness aspect) that I need to honor my still points as much as the movement. I finally got the message! 

Lesson FIVE in Rise Above. A Transformational Painting Challenge provides a way to do big inner work with ease…

It STARTS TODAY!!!r  Rise Above. A Transformational Painting Challenge

At the canvas, you can witness yourself, your approach to life, so to speak, in a way that is waaaaayyyy easier than an injury, a disagreement, fender bender, etc. 

You are engaging in your personal growth and your SELF-reclamation, which is always the intention of the MIRROR, on your terms WHILE aligning with the exact energy needed to shift, to make a change: the CREATIVE FREQUENCY! 


As we paint, in Rise Above, this is the kind of musings we are calling in. 

This is why this course promises to be transformational (and REWARDING, FUN, A SIGNIFICANT LIFE EVENT FOR YOU!). 

Share this meme below and tag me to share this perspective with others! 

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Click HERE to join us (and me in Bali) in the studio to RISE ABOVE together!


P.S. Mirror, mirror on the wall…? What question do you have for life? Take THAT question to the canvas and allow your Inner Witness to illuminate the answer for you!

#6 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

#4 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

I want you to feel so much gratitude that I am sending your way. 

Since I have been in Bali and sharing our collective journey of SELF-reclamation, I have felt such a lovely stirring inside… like a stirring that has become organized, centered… like a vortex of well being that is circulating deep within me. 

I would not be feeling that way if I was not able to share this full-color, magical, mysterious journey that is LIFE with you. For this I am supremely grateful.

This next step in our journey is one of those “simple, not easy” kind of things. 

It only gets easier with practice. 

This is one of the biggest reasons I paint… is to help me FOCUS on what I desire, rather than worrying that “it” won’t happen, won’t work… making back up plans, etc. 

#4 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Inspired by my newest online course launching MONDAY, 1.22.24!

Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge.

Get super curious right now…

Where is your FOCUS?

When I was feeling into 2024 and, then, realizing that in the USA it is an election year… whew! I understood that it HAD to be a year of SELF-reclamation because when you focus outside of yourSELF, seek to source your sense of PEACE or SECURITY from outside of yourself these days you are going to come up short.

Likewise, what are you spending your time FOCUSING on? 

We know all that is competing for our attention, our focus, and it is a bit frenetic. 

So, right now, create a new awareness around what is attracting your focus and if it is what you DESIRE to be focusing on. 

In Quantum Physics, they have proven that time is not linear and that everything is, in essence, happening at once. 

All the potential realities exist in the one moment. 

Just like ALL the websites in the world, ALL the webpages in the world, are all there RIGHT NOW waiting and ready for you to access them. 

All that you are experiencing in the art that is your life is the “website,” in this example, that you chose, that you chose to FOCUS on. 

Likewise, whatever you can imagine for you and your life is also waiting and ready for you to CHOOSE.

You choose with your FOCUS. 

What you focus on becomes a pathway that you follow to that chosen reality. 

So, when we worry that something might happen and we focus on that thing that we DON’T want to happen. We speak to what we don’t want to happen and imagine into what we will need to do when what we don’t want to happen happens… 

Well, it happens. 

You’ve heard of a “self-fulfilling prophecy?” 

I just realized that is usually used in a negative connotation. We can use this super power for GOOD!


Choose to select the future experience that you DESIRE. 

Listen to your heART for that desire, because your heART only operates from love, from desire and passion and joy. 

Your mind is there to perfectly BALANCE (hello step #3!) your heART, so it operates from fear, from self-protection, and it looks OUTSIDE of yourself for reassurance, security, etc. 


Again, the canvas is such a great metaphor and I mentioned that this is why I paint.  

You go to the canvas (or you are about to…) to create something that you find attractive, beautiful or in some way desirable.  

Then, the whole time you are painting, you are also focusing on this subject of your desire.  

You can paint paintings that symbolize your fulfilled desire. As you paint it and as it continues to be in your visual presence, it is supporting you, helping you to stay on track. 

Once you CHOOSE your focus, you want to CONTINUE to choose it every day.  

In Lesson FOUR of Rise Above, we practice this in multiple ways. 

Lesson FOUR in Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge celebrates your heart’s desires & I share one of my favorite painting techniques (not pictured below)

It is NOW officially time to register for  Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge

The FUN begins this coming Monday 1.22.24…and a little birdie told me our studio-wide Zoom is that day too. ENROLL NOW so you receive the invite and ZOOM LINK.

And when you paint BIG, you are declaring loudly and clearly to YOU that you are choosing this desired future reality for yourself. 

Remember, it is just like clicking on a website– millions and trillions are there just waiting for you to choose them. The only one you will experience now is the one you click. 

So what do you want to “click.”

I will be sharing these kinds of “memes” on social media all year to help to remind us to FOCUS… on what will support our journey off SELF-reclamation. Feel free to grab this off this email or share on social media. They are friendly reminders to help us harness the power of our creative mind and heART.

Let’s help others choose their FOCUS with awareness.  

Share this blog post on social media. Tag me (@WhitneyFreya on Insta or @WhitneyFreyaCanvas on FB) and share with your world what you are focusing on today! 


Trust me, “we teach what we want to learn.” 

This is why we are having this conversation now. 


I hope you join us for the launch of Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge. AND I hope to see you in our monthly Zooms!


P.S. In Bali so far I have been focused on yoga and movement and all the colors! What about you?

Introducing Janice Gallant

Introducing Janice Gallant

What I know for sure is that the MORE we honor & lift up others, the more we honor our own journeys and receive exactly what we need, when we need it, to RISE ABOVE ourselves! 

Today we want to introduce you to Janice Gallant. You can explore her world even more HERE.

Janice, what can you share about your own current journey of self-reclamation?

I have reclaimed that I am an abundant soul who is capable of anything I put my mind to! What a great feeling! 

What part of your personal story inspired you to start your biz?

After I wrote my book, The Creation Guild, people began reaching out to me asking me if I would show them how to create my Dream Mandala that I spoke of in my book. I also received calls asking if I had coaching packages. This is the nudge from the Universe to keep going, keep creating and sharing.

What inspires you right now?

Right now I am so inspired and passionate to certify more and more women to become Soulfully Aligned Creative Mystics and bring this out to the world in their own unique creative way. As each woman creates her own unique soul practice, deepens her channeling and creativity through her soul we create a movement through our world. And the world needs more Soulfully Aligned Women leading!

What is your favorite part of “working” with your clients? 

The energy that radiates when we gather and collaborate together! Everything expands…the healing, the creativity, the frequency rises and ripples out to the world!  

Do you work / play with people more in person or online? Why? 

Online, this has been so fun to reach people all over the world! It has expanded my circle immensely! Now Soulfully Aligned Women has an app!

What challenge, or “underworld” experience, has been most influential to your professional life?  

My challenge has been to rise up from the victimization mindset and remember I am an abundant, infinite soul being! My underworld journey has brought me to this strength over and over and I have seen everything around me shift as I claimed my inner power.


P.S. Janice is a Creatively Fit Coach & a member of the Women’s Synergy Collective. Click either link to learn more and receive even more inspiration & support!

#3 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

#3 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

First, you know I am sharing my time in Bali VLOG style on my YouTube channel, right? Go HERE to subscribe and watch and join me in this magical paradise!

Without further ado, 

#3 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Inspired by my newest online course launching 1.22.24

Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge.

Today we get jiggy with the idea of BALANCE. 

First, take a moment and feel into what this word has meant for you. What is its imprint? We often have ideas about ideas that actually are not OUR ideas, they are ideas that were someone else’s ideas and they made us feel like it was the ONLY idea, when, in fact, there are SO MANY IDEAS around this one IDEA. 

LOL that was fun! 😂

Playfulness? CHECK!

Being loving to me? CHECK!

Next up… 

As soon as I started typing this blog post and thinking about balance… I felt like it had this Pollyanna, white bread, goody-two-shoes kind of imprint. 

Like if you are BALANCED you are spending time working, exercising, meditating, friend’ing… in perfect “BALANCE.”


BALANCE is about balancing our light & our shadow. 

Balancing the “good’ and the “bad.” 

Literally, their altar cloths are all that picnic plaid, black and white checkered pattern to symbolize the light and the dark in EVERYTHING. That is the balance we are exploring today. 

The true BALANCE is about light and dark, night and day, warm and cold…

As you reclaim your SELF you are called to reclaim ALL of you, ALL of your story, your life experiences, your “successes” and your “failures.” 

BALANCE at the canvas and in life, is not about having symmetrical, equal elements in perfect balance, it is about embracing the WHOLENESS of this life’s, this painting session’s experience. 

Without this awareness, that inner critic, inner beat-myself-upper, is desperately trying to portray a YOU that is false, not authentic… NOT in BALANCE. 

When you PLAY you allow for the falling down AND the getting up, the cops AND robbers (did you play that as a kid when we used to just run around the neighborhood until dark!?).

When you LOVE yourself NO MATTER WHAT… it means just that. You CHOOSE to love yourself when you are flying high AND diving deep. 

This takes practice. 


And you can practice it in life, OR you can practice it, share it, teach it (thank you, Creatively Fit Coaches!) at the canvas. 

That is WAY more fun!

Lesson THREE in Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge creates space for you to experience this & how to PAINT FEARLESSLY, among other goodness.

If you are ready to make this journey of SELF-reclamation a playful priority in 2024, it is NOW time to register for  Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge

The FUN begins 1.22.24.

Share this blog post to create even MORE balance in our world. 

 How many other people can you imagine out there trying to be all good, nice, perfectly in BALANCE, while, in actuality, being out of balance?! Let’s offer them a new perspective!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me in 2024. Look for the invite to our first Zoom in 2024. Remember the email opt-in thing (WhitneyFreyaStudio.com / profile / notifications / opt in for emails).

See you soon, Life Artist! 


P.S. Thank you for the understanding you are offering me while I am retreating in Bali this month. I am reading your comments from our studio, and only replying if you are really specifically reaching out to me with a question, etc. This is me embracing BALANCE and taking full advantage of this precious gift that is time in Bali. I am sharing on my YouTube channel. LOVE to you…

#6 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

#2 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Inspired by my newest online course launching 1.22.24

Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge.

This second musing will lead you to some very expansive moments…

I used to say pre-pandemic that the REAL “virus” was all the self-flagellation that we each seem to do so easily. 

We can be SO hard on ourselves, 

SO critical and harsh. 

We can expect perfection, even when we are just learning something. 

And we spend more time steeping in the energy of “I am not enough” than the energy of “GO ME!”

It does seem kinda silly when you just read it that way, right?! 

Ok, #1 was playfulness. You can see how if you are being PLAYFUL, your inner critic may have a harder time getting your attention. 

We are going to call this “game” (playfulness) CATCH-YOU-DOING-IT-GREAT!

I literally do this, after watching a Matt Kahn YouTube video (wish I could tell you exactly which one, but it was years ago and he has tons–highly recommend him.) 

Starting small… 

“Look at me! I am SO great at turning on the stove!”

“Go you amazing thang! You are picking your clothes up off the floor / parking the car / answering emails / shampooing your hair… like a BOSS!” 😂😂😂

Then, up the game…. 

“I am learning how to _______ SO great! I am making ‘mistakes’ and learning from them. I AM getting better and better each day!” 

“Look at me having the difficult conversation!”

“Way to go YOU, setting an intention before getting out of bed in the morning.”

“Look at me, raising my vibration ALL BY MYSELF!”

Keep it going…

“I am so great at transmuting my Underworld experiences into learning opportunities.”

“I don’t know how I am going to _____ and I know if I take it one step at a time, I will get there!”

“I AM loving this painting, even when I feel like I made a mistake / messed it up, because I know I AM constantly learning and improving.”

Lesson TWO in Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge creates space for you to experience this & how to get to know your Inner Witness even better and more.

Imagine all the ways your life would shift into playful, loving, inspiring NEW territory when you develop this pattern of cheering yourself on rather than beating yourself up? Right!?

The ONLY reason you don’t love yourself in every moment completely 1000% unconditionally is because someone ELSE in your life, most likely early on, did not mirror this for you and / or did not express her/his love to you unconditionally – or in a way that FELT unconditional. Gee, maybe because she/he never received that kind of love because no one talked about how only YOU can love YOU unconditionally. 

Let’s stop that pattern NOW, shall we? 

SELF-reclamation means sourcing everything you NEED from within YOU. 

No one else is going to love you no matter what if you don’t. 

And you can’t BE that unconditional love for anyone else (even your partner, spouse, child, parent…). 



Whoosh! I love this conversation we get to have SO much! 😆

So go love yourself today…

…the messy YOU, 

…the open minded, gullible, idealistic YOU, 

…the ever-expanding, learning, growing, spiral path YOU, 

…the painting like a Wild Woman YOU!

Pssst… if this conversation makes you feel happy, then sharing this blog post will also create that happy energy… which is super close to JOY and feels very purpose-FULL. Way to go! 

Have you watched my video shares on the Rise Above sales page yet? My stoke factor is super high! This new course surprised me almost every time I went to the canvas… we know that is a GREAT SIGN! Check it out HERE

Hope you join in the transformational challenge! It is ALWAYS a good thing to invest in experiences that will inspire growth and expansion. I know this to be TRUE.

See you in our monthly Zoom soon (everyone in any of my online programs is invited)! (Remember those invites go through the WhitneyFreyaStudio.com platform. Check your Profile / Notifications to be sure you are opted in).

heARTfully (from Bali),

P.S. Look HOW great you are at opening & reading blog posts! Go YOU! 😉