The Sacred Symbol that is the #river 

The Sacred Symbol that is the #river 

The Sacred Symbol that is the #river 

Yesterday my friend Mellissae Lucia and I visited a stretch of the Minam River near my home here in Wallowa, OR.

I love all the different metaphors and symbols invoked by the river. I thought I would take you along with us and inspire some musings of your own….

Clara Pinkola Estes compares our creative spirit to a river. I’m also reminded of a quote I painted once that says something like “intuition is like cosmic fishing.” I am getting better and better at fly fishing, and for now just love the excuse to get out onto the river. 

On a symbolic level, what would you be fishing for in your own creative, intuitive river?  New ideas? New opportunities? New, more authentic expressions of yourself (are you hiding a part of you to keep others comfortable or to make something work that is truly broken…)? 

Then, we walked along the river, often the path leading us away from its side. Sometimes, along life’s path we are led in new directions or away from our intended route. What are all the ways this can serve you? What is off the path that is intended to inspire newness in your life?

Maybe there is something I never would have noticed had I not been led away from the object of my focus….

Maybe a higher perspective is what your soul wants you to experience–so when the path turns uphill and becomes more difficult, we can anticipate the view rather than focus on the hardship?

And then, what are all the ways we can experience happiness, gratitude or rest as we watch the “waters” rush past? Maybe our stillness is what our soul wants to contrast the flowing waters. Timing… Allowing an idea or opportunity to arrive in perfect timing or build energy until it is ready to flow out of us. 

Life is symbolic.

You can look at every personal drama, every challenge, every celebration and every experience as a symbol of something universal. 

This perspecitve creates for me a new level of self awareness, helping me to stay in flow when the temptation is to feel stuck. 

What does the river have to say to you right now?

Is it asking you to…


…carve your own path?

…move around blocks or obstacles?

…throw your hook in for NEW inspiration?

When in doubt flow! 


Women Entrepreneurs are Divine Warriors!

Women Entrepreneurs are Divine Warriors!

Women Entrepreneurs are Divine Warriors!

I so want to high-five, belly-bump and give you the biggest hug right now!!! Did you know you are changing the world!? I want to share with you my #1 TIP for WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS….

As a woman entrepreneur or business leader, you are a warrior for change, balance, love and community! YOU are setting the stage for one of humanity’s biggest shifts ever–the shift from a world based in fear to one rooted in LOVE.

For this reason, I, and my family of Creatively Fit Coaches, are here to support you with Vision Quest . The Creatively Fit Program, to fan your sacred spark, to be the wind beneath your wings, because what I know for sure is that as a woman biz leader YOU are all about change and change is dependent on your right brain, creative thinking side. It is that side of you that can get squished out, put on the back burner, relegated to “when I have time” and ignored.

YOU are so so busy taking care of your biz, family, friends, etc. that you can get worn plum out! Right!?

I know, because I have owned my own business(es) for the past 19 years and have 3 teenage kids (2 of the 3 below)!

The only way I could have managed it all and kept my smile and my free spirit is by honoring the open spaces, creating time for me, and cultivating an open, fertile mentality.

And this is my life’s work. Sharing this with you.

I want to share with you my #1 TIP for WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS…


ASSUME your BEST case scenario!

Why do we, by default, immediately start expecting to miss the plane, be late, lose the deal, fall short, not be ____ enough…? I know I can fall into that current just as easily as anyone. AND I know that it is possible to cultivate an awareness that gives me the ability to take a step back, be objective, and CHOOSE what to imagine happening in any given situation.

The alternative is to stress and worry.

Personally, I don’t like doing either. It is like throwing water on your soul’s fire.

It wastes your precious life force.

YOU as a Woman Warrior Business Leader Entrepreneur want to channel as much as that precious prana towards that which you DESIRE, not towards that which you do NOT want to happen.

EXPECT it to work.

COUNT on miracles happening.

LOOK for all the ways “it” is working out perfectly.

When you ASSUME the best you will attract the best.

This is not supposed to sound logical.

That is because this is your right brain department, not your left.

It is this side of your mind, this part of your personality, that is my life’s work to honor, support, encourage, and illuminate for you.

How do you cultivate this mindset?


Thank you for being such a powerful force in our world!

Love is… 

Love is… 

Love is… 

“Love is the merchandise which all the world demands; if you store it in your heart, every soul will become your customer.”

-Hazrat Inayat Khan

I just started reading a book that I bought mo the ago while at a Creatively Fit Coaches retreat on Bainbridge Island, WA. 

It is called The Good Life Lab, Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living by Wendy Jehanara Tremayne. On the page leading into the Introduction of the book is this image: 

This is the heART of my “work.” I get to guide you to learning how to harness you infinitely creative imagination, your eternal paintbrush of possibility” to create the life you desire. 

The other option is one we are all too familiar with, and illustrated in these words from the second book in the Saint Germaine series, The Magic Presence, “…after having watched mankind for centuries in the struggle through self-created misery and discord.”

Just for today, just for the next few moments, can you tune in to the pictures you are painting in your mind? Are they more reflective of LOVE or DISCORD? That on which your mind is focused is what you are creating into your reality. 

My prescription for you today? Paint a heart and display it somewhere you will see it daily–even if it is in your sock drawer. Each time you see it choose to create love! 



I would love for you to share your thoughts below. 

This is the moment in history where, as a human family, we get to choose between discord and love. If you are reading this you absolutely came into this reality to pioneer our new Earth into an era of love. 

It is for this reason that we now GET TO become conscious of our tremendous creative power. 

Allow me to introduce you to your Creator Self! Contact me by commenting below or via the contact page of you are interested in learning more. 


Hummingbird “Medicine”

Hummingbird “Medicine”

Hummingbird “Medicine”

You know when you want to hike, get your yoga on, paint, meditate…and your logical mind says to you, “You don’t have time”??

I do.

And I feel like I am always rewarded when I box out the time for ME. Because if I’m not having fun, what’s the point!?

Yesterday was one of those days and I got to see a hummingbird sitting in her nest…I had to share with you… Enjoy!

HUMMINGBIRD “medicine” is here to help you to create JOY in the art that is your life this weekend.

When you get out in nature, your creative spirit is nurtured. You are here to live as a LIFE ARTIST. Have fun out there this weekend!


Living Fearlessly

Living Fearlessly

Living Fearlessly

Life is a great big canvas; throw all the pain you can on it.

~Danny Kaye

One of my Creatively Fit Coaches reminded me of this quote this morning! LOVE it!

Here is an example of how you can live with more awareness as a LIFE ARTIST–this is what my visual life coaching is all about…how can you be more FEARLESS?

A Course in Miracles says that we are either coming from fear or love–at any given moment.

If you want to live more fearlessly, let’s paint fearlessly!

Whether I am coaching you 1-on-1 or in my Creatively Fit Coaching Certification Program, I am your muse–I inspire you to CREATE the life you desire. We start at the blank canvas.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

When I guide you to the canvas, teach you how to paint BIG…paint FEARLESSLY…paint INTUITIVELY…paint with deep SELF ACCEPTANCE…these same feelings, or energies, go beyond the canvas and into the art that is your life.

What do you want to paint / create in your life? I would love to help. Contact me at support(at) and let me know you want to throw some paint on that canvas that is your life!