Introducing Susan Kizaric

Introducing Susan Kizaric

What I know for sure is that the MORE we honor & lift up others, the more we honor our own journeys and receive exactly what we need, when we need it, to RISE ABOVE ourselves! 

Today we want to introduce you to Susan Kizaric. You can explore her world even more HERE.

Susan, what can you share about your own current journey of self-reclamation? 

My journey towards self-reclamation has developed through learning to trust my inner wisdom. Now I create time to connect to my heart through intentional ritual and reflection. This path started with painting without perfection. On the canvas, I connected to my soul and developed more intuition. As my intuition grew, I began seeking more connection to my true self. I investigated deeper inner work through various mystical trainings and heartfelt moments. I love feeling more and more connection to my happy soul. I began by noticing recurring old and new patterns within, both good and not so good. These signs and feelings presently help me to navigate daily life. As a result, I have become more accepting of myself. I feel and listen to my inner wisdom to make decisions, checking if those are in alignment with being authentic and heart centered. Choosing a path to help others connect to their heart felt soul through ritual and intention was born from discovering that I am happiest with regular soul connection. In addition, the gratitude and joy for my own wholeness, has led me to share. 

What part of your personal Journey inspired you to start your biz?

Discovering my own beautiful soul connection and personal power, without being co-dependent on others, has opened my courage and my will power to move forward helping others to nurture their inner being. 

What inspires you right now? 

I am inspired by the beauty of spirit, people, and the natural world. When I need inspiration I look for beauty within, above, behind, below and all around. I am driven by the knowing others need more self-love within.

What is your favorite part of “working” with your clients? 

The best part of working with clients is seeing and witnessing their growth, self – awareness, acceptance, and ongoing healing. 

Do you work / play with people more in person or online? Why?

Presently I work with groups in-person using ritual, guided meditation in a “Painting for Healing” class. I am currently introducing an on-line Sacred Heart Ritual Beta Certificate. By reaching out to others on-line I can serve more people on a regular basis. My online work consists of coaching others in the CCFC training and actively holding space for others in the Unstoppable Dream Recovery programs. 

What challenge, or “underworld” experience, has been most influential to your professional life? 

Throughout my life I gave away my power using co-dependency to keep the peace as a very young child and in a voiceless marriage. After a car accident, I obtained a painful neck injury. I looked for natural ways to be pain free and discovered my mystical side with the help of others. Then I realized that I had given up my power to others all my life just to fit in and be loved. At one point I felt like my soul had left me. Then I decided to take back both my soul and power. Step by step I peeled away layers and I continue to peel the layers of my past to open up my heart light and wholeness. I have gratitude for the lessons. Through regular ritual practices and noticing beauty within and in the world I have learned to maintain a higher vibration and self-loving perspective. All my challenges and experiences have led me to appreciate my journey towards healing and helping others.


P.S. Susan is a Creatively Fit Coach & a member of the Women’s Synergy Collective. Click either link to learn more and receive even more inspiration & support!

#8 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

#8 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Energy work you can do for yourself …it’s FUN!

Hello, hello, everyone!

This is our final blog in our series 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024.

And THIS is one of my nearest and dearest favorites. 

YOU can be your own, private energy worker!


#8 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Inspired by my newest online course. You do not want to miss out!

Rise Above. A Transformational Painting Challenge.

Usually, speaking from my personal experience, when we find ourselves feeling down, apathetic, overwhelmed, tired… we look to something or someone outside of ourselves to make us feel better. 

What is really happening is we are resonating at a L-O-W frequency. 

Instead, on your journey of SELF-reclamation, YOU are the energy, the frequency you seek. You have it in you, you simply want to activate it! 

At this moment when you identify and / or claim your low frequency status (LOL-sounds kind of like Spock), you NOW realize that you, and only YOU, get to choose. Do you maintain this frequency? Allow it to drop further? Or do you choose to BE, do something for yourself that will RAISE your frequency. 

Lesson EIGHT in Rise Above. A Transformational Painting Challenge spotlights painting as ENERGY WORK, & brings it all together.

JOIN US for  Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge

At this point, it does not in any way shape or form matter who, what or where LOWERED your frequency, all you are asking yourself is, “what can I do to raise my frequency?” 


At the canvas you can go to bathe in the energy of your wild self, your loving self, your go-with-the-flow self…

You can go to paint what you LOVE, what makes you HAPPY, what symbolizes a desire of yours. 

I painted a unicorn once after a grumpy day and, WOW! I was transported for sure!

On our journey to develop new self awareness and RECLAIM our truest selves, we are taking responsibility for our energy, our vibration or frequency.  


Follow YOUR answer to that question?  

When a friend is feeling low, ask them, “What do you love to do? Go do that!”  

Everything is energy. You are energy. Emotions are energy. A good friend, Maggi Colwell, just shared with me in a beautiful Zoom circle, “Emotions are your life force energy.” They are YOUR life force energy. 


Feel them.

Express them.

Paint them! 


Thank you for joining me for this 8-part exploration into new (and fun) ways to nurture your, my, our SELF-awareness.  

Hope to see you in the studio! 


P.S. Hope to see you at our next monthly Studio Zoom!

#8 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

#7 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Are you bathing yourself in the energy of abundance these days! 

Today, we are reminding ourselves of the superpower that is DETACHMENT!


#7 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Inspired by my newest online course. NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO JOIN!

Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge.

This is a superpower whose benefits are vast & wide, and seems (in this moment I am writing this email) almost indescribable. 

Developing this ability, to detach from expectations, results, and material things, can lead to such bliss and heal long standing suffering in your life. 

Even detaching from how we thought experiences or relationships from our PAST “should have gone” can lead to supreme liberation. 

It’s the old saying about anger being a hot coal that YOU are hanging onto. Let go of the hot coal. 💥🔥

The MOST AWESOME news is that this is one of the EASIEST lessons to learn at the canvas.  

It can also elicit some of the most dramatic emotions, AS WELL AS provide a powerful example to others as they gasp and try to keep you from painting over a painting of yours that they love.

Lesson SEVEN in Rise Above. A Transformational Painting Challenge spotlights the superpower of DETACHMENT.

It is NOW officially time to JOIN US for  Rise Above. A Transformational Painting Challenge

I remember leading a painting experience with a group of creativity facilitators. They were the type that would go into a company to lead an “ideating” session for new product development. They studied how to facilitate creative environments to lead corporate into new idea territory. 

I had the facilitators paired up and collaborating on a canvas together. They were spaced intentionally far enough apart that they could be in their own little world painting, unaware of what the other pairs were doing. 

After they had been painting away for a while with the prompt I had given them, I would casually saddle up next to the pair, express encouraging or complimentary sentiments and then gently (like taking candy from a baby) scoop up their canvas and replace it with a canvas from one of the other pairs. 

There was always some version of…




And then (this all happened within seconds, they would start chuckling. 

“I see what you are doing. Good one!” 

So fun! 

This one lesson can change everything for you.  

Integrating this awareness could positively influence your life in SO many ways. I know this for a fact.  

If you have not joined Rise Above. A Transformational Painting Challenge yet, I would ask you to click HERE and join us today.  

I can only suggest that so boldly because I know how powerfully life changing this course and this experience and this community is.  

Don’t hang on to any past disappointments, betrayals, heartbreak, etc. (that’s a big etc., I know) any longer than you have to. You are only giving away your sense of peace and internal well being to something that happened in the past.  

RECLAIM your present and create the art that is your life YOUR way. Don’t let that person or experience be more powerful than YOU.  

This is SELF-reclamation. This is our journey for 2024. It’s a YEAR LONG journey for a reason! We will get there… one brushstroke at a time and TOGETHER! 


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Thank you for being the energy of SELF-reclamation for others! If you are ready to make this a beautiful focus of your life, learn more about the upcoming Creatively Fit Coaching Training that begins March 21st, 2024. See you soon! 

#8 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

#6 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Thank you so much for joining me here! 

We are rising above this week! 


#6 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Inspired by my newest online course launching MONDAY, 1.22.24!

Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge.

Lesson SIX in Rise Above includes teachings, musings, around the energy of ABUNDANCE, as shared in the chapter of the same name in my book, Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brushstroke at a Time.

I love this discussion so so much because it is so intimately tied to my own personal journey after leaving my marriage “ranch,” 700 acres, house we built for a new life in Oregon. 

I left “it all behind” and immediately had to make my own living. And I was committed to THIS being my source of money energy. 

I had to connect to, attract and generate abundance for myself in a whole new way. 

And I discovered it is, once again, an inner journey first. The material abundance follows.

Here are the THREE ways you can generate abundance right now.  

On our journey of SELF-reclamation, feeling ABUNDANT from the inside out is both a pathway and a signpost on our journey.  

Which one of these feels the easiest to connect to? The easiest to experience right now? 


INNER ABUNDANCE “…speaks to the reality that any abundance you seek, true abundance, requires first that its source is within you…. In the example of money, you want to go underneath the surface & explore what FEELING the abundance of money will create for you. Is it freedom, creativity, excitement…? Focus on THAT energy…”

CREATIVE ABUNDANCE This is about your ability to create from an abundance of ideas! All the rules have been broken. Limiting beliefs are ideas wanting your creative attention. “Right now, at this point in space/ time history, we have unprecedented permission and opportunity to create NEw ideas that not only serve us but that can bring us freedom and joy!”

RADIANT ABUNDANCE “You have the power to radiate abundance to those around you.” You can encourage others. You can create space for their dreams and visions by asking them to describe it more and speak to its abundant possibilities. Be the energy of possibility (abundance) with those around you. What you give, you will receive.

Lesson SIX in Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge explores these 3 ways you can create ABUNDANCE right now at the canvas.

It is NOW officially time to JOIN US for  Rise Above. A Transformational Painting Challenge

On our journey of SELF-reclamation we are getting super curious about the beliefs and standards we hold ourselves to… so many of them have been learned from the outside, not sourced from our personal truth within. 

And that is fine. That is the point of this learning journey we call a lifetime. 

It’s just that now, especially since you are here reading these words, you are choosing to re-MEMBER… re-CLAIM how YOU want to live. 

ABUNDANCE, truly the greatest, most sublime version, can ONLY come from within. And when you begin to source that (I am seeing tapping a reservoir like a wellspring) this energy of abundance from within, and share it in your simple presence, attracting whatever forms of abundance you desire becomes more and more like a magnet just doing its thing! Yahoo! 


Feel free to share the image above on your social media and comment about where you are finding abundance. As an example, you have an ABUNDANCE of ways you can RADIATE abundance right now with this email! 


Thank YOU for being a part of our collective year of SELF-reclamation! 


P.S. Where do you see examples of abundance right now? I see an abundance of snowflakes outside my window, an abundance of books all around my house, and abundance of warmth, shelter, food to eat… so grateful! We are re-training our minds, our awareness, to seek out abundance rather than scarcity. WAYYY more fun! 😉

#8 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

#5 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

 If we don’t choose to do this, life does it for us . . .

Today is the day I get to start sharing this experience with you! 

Since I have been in Bali, I have been adding art journaling & meditation videos from my luscious perch in Ubud! So this course is really like two in one! A BIG canvas, acrylic painting version and an art journaling version inspired by the land, the heART and the people of Bali! 

I am excited to offer you now one of the highlights of the FIFTH lesson in Rise Above…


#5 of 8 “Shades” of Self-Awareness to Nurture in 2024

Inspired by my newest online course launching MONDAY, 1.22.24!

Rise Above . A Transformational Painting Challenge.

You may be familiar with the teaching that your “external world is a mirror of your internal world.” 

Here are a couple of practical examples of how this works…


    1. Say someone gets you triggered, upset, in complaining mode because they did… acted like… said to you… The MIRROR wants to ask you, “Do you treat yourself this way?” Life is mirroring this behavior back to you so you can SEE it (just like a mirror) and then choose if you want to create change. 
    2. You know those moments, days, weeks when you feel scattered? You might find yourself misplacing things a lot, forgetting items on your schedule, etc.? Your external experience is reflecting back to you that you are not grounded. You are preoccupied (in your mind, thoughts, worries, etc.) and so you are being encouraged to slow down, ground, kind of re-create your solid foundation from which to live. 
    3. Likewise, when you are seeing _______ everywhere (whether lotus flowers, owls, spirals, stars, foxes…) and find yourself attracted to them, these symbols are mirroring back to you an aspect of YOU that is wanting attention. The lotus is encouraging you to look at challenges in your life as “rich soil from which you will grow,” owl is encouraging you to source your own inner wisdom from within or to see something that you are not seeing (vision in the darkness), etc. 

Life can also mirror back for you not so subtle or desirable guidance. 

Here’s a personal example… 

Whenever I sprain an ankle or break my wrist (which I have only done once from a paragliding landing gone wrong on my birthday summer 2022), I think to myself, “Ok, I will slow down.” I always have so many fun things to do (and of course the occasional 😂responsibility, etc.).  

JUST this past month, as I was exploring my Tarot workbook again, I noticed that my Soul Number (add up the month, day, year of your birth and keep reducing the number until you get to a single digit), the CHARIOT, which I have ALWAYS understood to be a symbol of creative change, is a symbol of the combination of MOVEMENT and STILLNESS!  Why, how had I never latched onto that before? My physical accidents were not so subtle reminders (probably in response to the sheer number of times I had read that info and not integrated the stillness aspect) that I need to honor my still points as much as the movement. I finally got the message! 

Lesson FIVE in Rise Above. A Transformational Painting Challenge provides a way to do big inner work with ease…

It STARTS TODAY!!!r  Rise Above. A Transformational Painting Challenge

At the canvas, you can witness yourself, your approach to life, so to speak, in a way that is waaaaayyyy easier than an injury, a disagreement, fender bender, etc. 

You are engaging in your personal growth and your SELF-reclamation, which is always the intention of the MIRROR, on your terms WHILE aligning with the exact energy needed to shift, to make a change: the CREATIVE FREQUENCY! 


As we paint, in Rise Above, this is the kind of musings we are calling in. 

This is why this course promises to be transformational (and REWARDING, FUN, A SIGNIFICANT LIFE EVENT FOR YOU!). 

Share this meme below and tag me to share this perspective with others! 

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Click HERE to join us (and me in Bali) in the studio to RISE ABOVE together!


P.S. Mirror, mirror on the wall…? What question do you have for life? Take THAT question to the canvas and allow your Inner Witness to illuminate the answer for you!