Art is a Way of Knowing

My house.





Divine Feminine.


Shades of grey…no black & white here.

Positive energy.

Soft edges.


I painted this painting in collaboration with participants in a workshop I co-led with Dana Lynne Andersen. This painting began with eight of us painting on it to create the first layer. And it ended (although I do not think I am done with it) with everyone making their mark on the canvas as well. I wanted all the glorious divine feminine goodness in this “house.” This is what it looked like when it shifted from “ours” to “mine.”

No one else wanted it. The yellow was too…something. I knew, no matter what, that something beautiful & magical would evolve.

What came next was such profound insight into the nature of my, then, new home–the rental I had moved into after leaving my marriage, 700 acres, and a brand new house. I understood that one of the most important qualities of my “Home” was that there was no “black & white,” only shades of grey (this ah-hah happened way before the book and movie! LOL). In my house, it was more about flow and openness, acceptance and expression. This painting illuminated these qualities to me and they became the center piece of my experience there.

Next time you are painting with a group, allow each other the gift of painting on each person’s canvas. Just like ourselves, constantly meeting, interacting with, and learning from others each day, our art reflects our life.

Thank you all for gracing my Whitney Freya Canvas with your special energy.


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