Are you a Creative Pioneer?

Welcome to the pARTy! I get pretty fired up in this video. Can’t wait to read your impressions in the comments below…

I read in the book, Return of the Bird Tribes, that we are only trapped by our ideas!

I don’t know about you, but I am fully committed to living from a place of personal freedom in this lifetime. That means I get to CREATE my own ideas.

Do you feel this way too?

You can watch this entire painting come into being when you log into Art Gypsy Owl.

For example, there used to be the idea that women shouldn’t vote.

Hah! Silly, right? But that was the truth back then.

What current ideas are going to get the “Hah!” in a decade or two and WHO is going to create the new ideas that become the new reality in this New Earth!? YOU! Me! Creative Pioneers!

I have talked to a lot of mothers, myself being the mother of three teens (!!! how did that happen!), about what motherhood looks like in the “new paradigm.” We are preparing our kids for a very different world and it is open to a very different kind of parenting. My new idea is that parents who live “outside the box” travel across boundaries, both literally and figuratively, are preparing our kids better for a world of constant change than the traditional parenting story, or idea.

AND there is a group of us, over 160 strong all around the world who have joined forces and united under the full color flag of Creative Pioneer-dom as Creatively Fit Coaches. Maybe you would like to read more or apply HERE.

Please share below a NEW idea that is getting you pretty fired up right now!?

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