Ancient – Future Wisdom: The 3 Vibratory Realms, As They Apply to Your Painting Practice

The Hermetic Teachings describe the levels of vibration within the physical, mental and spiritual planes. 

They also encourage the student to imagine life as a journey upward on a vibratory scale, with some aspects of life being of lower or denser vibration that mean to be superseded by experiences of higher and higher vibration. 

It occurred to me that this could be understood even more clearly through the analogy of the artist and her painting process, in order that you may look at aspects of your life in a new light and be able to remove your attention from those elements of life that are lower vibration and raise your attention to those aspects of life that are higher and higher vibration. 

Of course, this does not mean that the lower vibration elements cease to exist or that as one journeys upwards on the vibratory scale that these denser vibrations do not still play a role in the day-to-day reality. It does mean that one can live with an intentional focus on that which is higher and higher vibration and allow the lower vibration elements to require less and less of the “artist’s” energy.


Paint this Rainbow Owl with me in Art Gypsy Guatemala . The Owl Painting Experience


The Three Vibratory Realms of the Artist

To use the painting analogy, you can imagine that the first, or lower, vibration realm of this process would include the material supplies one needs to paint: paint itself in multiple colors, brushes, water, rags, a canvas, etc. Perhaps, rags, the water container, palette, etc. may be considered “lower” on this scale than the paints themselves and the surface, the canvas. 



The next higher vibration realm of the artist who paints is inhabited by skill and technique, lighting, and the overall experience of the artist. This vibration is mental. This realm is closer to the manifestation of the painting, than simply a collection of supplies. However, when we allow the mind to take over creation, the results are inherently limited by the artist’s training, knowledge, personal beliefs about what they are capable of or not. The artist is creating from her individualized aspect and logic, not from energy and infinite possibility. 



Finally, the third realm is characterized by pure inspiration. This is where the subject of the painting transitions from infinite potential and pure energy into matter. The artist creates. Within this realm there can be layers of vibration: the lowest being exemplified by finding an image that the artist decides to copy onto the canvas for technical or pleasurable reasons, and the highest would be closer to a lightning bolt kind of ah-hah that instantly illuminates the vision or the scene that is being given to the artist from “THE ALL” (as described in the Hermetic Teachings). The artist may describe being “taken over” by a vision and nothing can stand in the way of its manifestation.



How does this apply to you? 

Any painting requires a degree of participation from each of these realms of vibration: material supplies, ability or knowledge, and inspiration. However, which painting do you think would be the most “valuable?” The painting that was dominated by the realm of material supplies, by the realm of skill and technique, or the realm of inspiration? 

Can you imagine an artist taken over by a vision of what she is to paint and grabbing whatever supplies are at hand and whatever surface, losing herself in the process, perhaps painting on a piece of scrap wood or a wall in her house, because it is as if she is embodied by the vision itself and will do anything in the moment to bring it into manifestation? 

Likewise, if someone wants to express herself as an artist at the canvas and becomes completely absorbed in whether or not she has the right materials, the best brand of paint, the best lighting, time and personal ability, doubting whether or not she can paint dimension, shadow, perspectives, etc., do you think she will be able to create a masterpiece from this vibration? 


I have witnessed new artists, with very little training, taken over by a vision and, independent from what exact paints, surfaces, brushes, etc., creates a piece that astounds them and those who know them. “Where did that come from?” “I didn’t know you could paint!” 


So, dear Life Artist, what do you want to manifest into your life? You may want to manifest a masterpiece on canvas or a new business, a new job, a new lifestyle that allows more free time, time outdoors, etc. From which level of vibration are you going to create this vision into reality? Are you going to focus on the material, the mental or the spiritual? 


The higher vibration you engage with in the act of creation, the more rapidly your vision is able to come to fruition. And the vision manifested from higher vibrations will inherently be at a higher vibration. 


I have seen individuals taken over by a vision of what they want new in their life, only to watch it dwindle in brightness until they give up. Their initial enthusiasm is dimmed by a preoccupation of whether or not they have what they need to “do it,” by paralyzing self-doubt, feelings of unworthiness, or by not allowing the natural ebb and flow of the creative process to run its course. 

Your vision wants you to focus on the nature of the vision itself, all the ways it will serve you and your world, the beauty, love and passion that are being triggered within you to inspire you to stay present as you take one step, one brush stroke, at a time towards its manifestation. The opposite is to receive your vision, your dream or new idea and then bury it in logistical needs, self-doubt, worry about if it will work, etc. The initial energy and enthusiasm of your vision gets zapped by lower vibration worries. 

Your vision, or whatever “wild and crazy idea” you have been dancing with, does not require an exact set of “colors” or a perfectly smooth and square “surface” on which to manifest. It wants you to open to the energy and the  inspiration in the moment. It requires you to match its vibration so that it can enter into your world harmoniously. Don’t get lost in the details, get lost in its vibration and the beautiful possibilities surrounding it! 

Create from the highest vibratory realm, focus on all that is possible, and enjoy the journey! 

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