An Encouraging Message for You in Fall 2020

I want to encourage and inspire you today. 

Frankly, I need encouragement and inspiration. 

We are crossing SUCH a tremendous threshold, of this I have no doubt, and it is exactly because you have been nurturing your Artist Within, your Rainbow Warrior Awareness, your Life Artistry, that you are feeling the energies so profoundly AND that you are being called to create space for what is surely to come. 

Here are three things I know for sure…

  1. We learn best through contrast. 
  2. It is through the energy created by polarities, or polarization, that we move FORWARD.
  3. Your number one priority right now is to care for yourself as a vibrational being. 


Allow me to expand….

CONTRAST… We know this. We can’t truly know freedom until we have felt stuck or trapped. We can’t fully appreciate “home” until we have spent time away. The stars are so brilliant BECAUSE of the darkness. 

The great news is that if we are experiencing one “side of the coin” we MUST also be on course to experience the other. If you are currently experiencing fear or scarcity or loneliness or hopelessness… you are being prepared to experience the opposite: love, abundance, connection, or hope. 

AND whatever you have experienced dramatically in your life (i.e. poverty, a chaotic family life, extreme self-doubt…) is part of your greatest reason for being here. You have experienced these dramatic lows SO THAT in your life you will be inspired (inspire = spirit within) to move towards the contrasting experience. The DESIRE you have born out of the lack of that desire is the fuel that will empower you to continue to create your life, one day at a time, in a way that will eventually result in you arriving at the fruition of that DESIRE. 

Right now, for YOU, what is challenging you the most? Where do you get the most fearful? Is it around health? Finances? The social tensions and discordance? The environment? Really, take a moment. If you could wave a magic paint brush and solve ONE “problem,” what would it be? 

Got it? 

NOW… allow that challenge to illuminate your DESIRE. What is the desired future you would create with your magic paint brush? Bring it into your imagination right now. You are strong and healthy. You experience abundance and the sense of security abundantly. You are thrilled at all the new ways people are working together, realizing our interconnectedness and shared values while also celebrating our differences and diversity. You are living in a world that is sustainable and honoring Mother eARTh. 


Doesn’t it feel so great!? Can you remember back to October 2020 when life was so chaotic? Now, you can see clearly how those tumultuous times created the space and the desire to take all the creative action needed to get to where you are now–realizing the fruition of your desire. What did you do to get here? Follow that thread starting right now. 

What is the opposite of what I have shared above? Worry. Imagining what you don’t want to happen is using your magic paint brush to create future realities that leave you feeling worried, anxious, sad or fearful. Life Artist, Rainbow Warrior, the time is now to cease worrying. Oh, and complaining too! Worrying and complaining are channeling your creative power towards more of what you don’t want. What you focus on expands. Like attracts like. 

So! You have permission to DAY DREAM!!! You have permission to be as idealistic and optimistic as possible. Pollyanna-it-up! Doesn’t that sound way more fun than worrying!? YES! 


POLARITIES… You are probably familiar with the statement “everything is energy.” Every atom has a positive and a negative charge. ((Fun perspective… one hundred MILLION atoms placed side by side would measure one centimeter!)) So at our most micro level, we are made up of positive and negative energies. Magnets have a positive and negative charge. If you picture the sacred geometry that is a TORUS, the energy flows in this donut-like shape because of the flow between positive-negative-positive energies. 

It is because of the difference between the positive and the negative that energy moves and flows. Likewise, it is the polarity in our life that inspires change. 

We’ve all heard the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention.” Exactly. 

Here’s another interesting facet to this truth. It is the polarities in your life that keep you growing and learning. This is related to the subject on contrast we explored above, but from a more elemental angle. Imagine a swing at a playground. Remember how the really long swings got you the highest? I loved swings! And the higher you got going backwards, the faster you went and the higher you got as you swung forward. It’s like we are on a r-e-a-l-l-y big swing right now, swinging back and forth between huge highs and super deep lows, and because of this we are MOVING FAST. The #1 ingredient for speeding up our individual and collective evolution is POLARITY. 

It is darkest before the dawn.

The calm before the storm. 

Or the storm before the calm. 

The eye of a tornado. 

This is where we are. 

It is fast and it often feels like we are just barely hanging on, right? AND sh*t is MOVING! 

So, here is the call. Are you ready?

Instead of sending fear, anger, judgment…towards whatever, or whomever, is on the other side of this polarized state for you, send compassion. Send gratitude. Yes, even to the people you think are the most horrible, the behaviors you despise the most. TRUST ME, this is not easy and I often allow my human self to spew condemnation and judgment towards the polarizing symbols in my life and, then, I (mostly) allow my compassionate, “Infinite Self” to remind me that the dark inspires and attracts the light. 

I do believe we will look back on 2020 and remember how challenging it was AND how it led to, laid a foundation for, our greatest achievements, breakthroughs, and resolutions. 

Sometimes I imagine that the people that piss me off the most have volunteered to play the a##hole to help me and us to create the change we really desire to see in this world. They’re doing a great job, from what I can tell. Thank you. 


YOUR NO. ONE PRIORITY is to care for yourself as a vibrational being. 

See how each of these are building on each other!? LOVE when that happens! 

Ok, so you are made up of atoms. YOU are pure energy. YOU vibrate. And your vibration is the greatest determinant of your overall well being–physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually…. 

AND since your energy is not contained within your “body” and we are all living in a big energy soup, your vibration interacts with and impacts the energies of others. ENTRAINMENT is a term in physics that describes how when two or more similar energies (energies of a like vibration) interact, the lesser, or lower vibration, energies will rise to entrain or harmonize with the higher vibration energy. Here’s the GREAT news, it does not work the other way. The lesser or lower vibration energy will never entrain other energies. How awesome is that!? 

Here is the coolest part: whatever makes you feel high vibration, happy, hopeful, grateful, safe, secure, loved… is what you want to be doing right now. And since it is all about energy, it does not matter if it is taking a bubble bath, eating dark chocolate, sitting under a tree, hugging a child, making love, donating to a cause that you are passionate about, teaching someone something new… whatever raises your vibration will help raise the vibration of everything and everyone around you. EVERYTHING is energy. 

My next book, in the final editing stages now, is a super fun and magical meditation practice to help you to remember how to care for yourself as a vibrational being. So…stay tuned! 


What would make you super happy right now? I wrote this for a Freya Fridday email the day before Halloween, so right now  I am psyched to put on my pink wig and it sounds like some friends and I are going to do a full moon hike on Halloween! Yayyyyy! AND I am intending to volunteer to help make sure we get as many voters voting as possible! 


So, Life Artist… Rainbow Warrior… allow these three ideas, these three energies, to percolate and sink in. Explore them for yourself. If you were writing this love letter to the world, what would your three things be? Maybe write that? Share your wisdom! Share what is coming through you with your world. 

I am going to be creating an email series starting next week… thinking it will be called The Magic Paint Brush to the Rescue Series … to encourage and inspire you through these final days of 2020. I do believe the choices we make right now will be TREMENDOUSLY creative. The “magic paintbrush” is your mind, your thoughts, the stories you are telling yourself and the dreams you are dreaming. The canvas, the actual paint brush and the paints simply make this visible. So we can PAINT our desires into our reality and bring them that much closer to fruition. 

Woohoo! We got this! YOU got this. You are being prepared for so much joy and gratitude and compassion and love and happiness!

And so it is.


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