Whitney Freya,  Creative Visionary, is all about … Freedom, Joy, Connection, and Excitement!

Whitney Freya is an up and coming presence in the arena of spiritual teachers and the self-help movement. She is devoted to help people to use art making as a spiritual practice and expressive living. Whitney uses art as an energy work medium and as a portal to connect to the subconscious and Source energy, allowing for new healing insights and personal growth. She is known as a muse for guidance in ways to tap into creativity as a pure language of our souls. She is also a mother of three, an author, motivational speaker, and creative entrepreneur.

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In her own words:

I AM the element metal and therefore am a conductor of energy and expression.

I AM here to help you silence your inner critic.

I AM the kid that grew up wishing she could paint.

I AM the 26 year old who started painting AFTER she opened an art center.

I AM in love with the land I live on in NE Oregon.

Since this is a new site I’d love to share a little more about my path and rebranding after 17 years:

I chose to rename myself Whitney Freya after crossing the threshold of one of my greatest fears and take the risk to align with power, love, freedom, and radical creativity.

My knot symbol came to me first during a JOURNEYS retreat in December 2012.

The name Freya  “found me” in the Fall of 2012.

In March 2013, I was sent this symbol by my branding goddesses at Blast! Branding … the very same one I had created almost a year before. WOW!

We brought it all together under the Whitney Freya Canvas.

I am truly honored by your interest in my mission and how we all can brighten the world as we infuse our lives and the lives of others with the light of our infinitely creative hearts.

As someone who is often stuck in my head – particularly the left side, I have found Whitney’s programs, workshops, retreats and exercises beneficial and so easily accessible.  After following Whitney’s inspired teachings for 10+ years, I’ve not only been given a whole new way of looking at creativity, but I have rediscovered and/or released parts of myself that had long been unattended to.  One of my favorite lessons I learned through Whitney’s teachings is – “It is all about painting (verb), not the painting (noun).”  That slight shift in perception to let go of the final product and enjoy the journey of simply creating has allowed me to release the unwavering need for things to be perfect and to open up to a new level of freedom.   Thanks, Whitney, for your continued guidance, support and vision!  Looking forward to the next 10 years! ~Leanne K.

A little left brain satisfaction:

1992 graduated from Univ. of Michigan. Left the day after graduation to sell books door-to-door (my parents loved that—NOT!)

1995 had the classic light bulb, voice from heaven experience: OPEN AN ART CENTER WHERE PEOPLE CAN WORK OUT THEIR RIGHT BRAIN MUSCLE.

1995 made record breaking numbers selling books door-to-door the “right brain way”.

1996 opened The Creative Fitness Center in Nashville, TN.

1998 started writing book…”the one thing I knew for sure”

1999, 2001, 2003 my three beautiful and unique kids were born.

2004 relocated, rebranded, and co-opened a wine and art bar 2007…co-opened a 2nd wine bar.

2008 walked away (with tail between my legs) from 2nd wine bar.

2010 walked away from wine bar careers.

2010 moved from urban Nashville to a NE Oregon ranch.

2012 big year! Launched Spirit Project, The Journey, and my own sense of freedom. Faced my greatest fear and reclaimed ME!

2013 renamed and rebranded myself as Whitney Freya. The fact that it is a formidable and Venus-like Norse Goddess!? Bring it!

2014 I step into my most authentic year ever….well,  so far!

What I totally trust now is that just like creativity, spirituality comes in an infinite palette of colors and expressions. It is my mission and pleasure to inspire you to explore art making as a form of meditation and life inquiry. I believe that using the medium of art is a sacred portal to merge healing, energy, and awareness thru the practice, ritual, and play of intentional creativity. It is my honor and blessing to help reconnect your mind to your infinitely creative heart, which then helps your life lighten and brighten into the masterpiece canvas of your soul.

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