A New Way to Meditate

I have discovered a new, subtle shift in my “doodles”. They have evolved to include more representational images and words. It reminds me of stream of consciousness writing, a popular tool for writers and also made famous by Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way, and can take me to a totally different level of thinking–from the “I-have-to-figure-this-out” mode to the “I-get-to-watch-this-evolve” mode. It summons up my intuition, my spirit, and my authentic self. Here is my latest two stream of consciousness doodles, we’ll call them Streaming Doodles. Read on for my step-by-step instructions.

I created this Streaming Doodle on a piece of watercolor paper with a pencil and watercolors. To start, I looked at the magnet board in my studio where I hang my latest inspiration. With the pencil, I sketched in the owl (of course) and then added the green/black bird that is inspiration from artist Judy Paul (thanks, Judy!). Then, the vase with the house cut out of it caught my eye so I added that in. I was not trying to pick images that “go together” actually. My goal was just to get THREE sketches on the paper and pick the three images that spoke to me.

I let one sketch lead to another. The branch on which the green bird is perched happened to end right above the vase, so I added a drop of water. As I painted thoughts came to mind and I wrote those down. First it was, “Our home seems so much smaller when we contain it”. That led to thoughts about how we humans have constructed these “homes”, when really we have the whole world as our home–like the birds. Which led to the writing next to the owl, “they are at home”.

Then, the drop of water dripping into the vase made me think, “What are we filling our homes with?” Etc…get the picture? The images led to thoughts that I summarized on the paper. Interesting to note…right now I am selling our home to move to Oregon. We are building a new home there. Homes, moving, redefining are obviously a thing for me right now and my right brain/artist within/spirit gave me a little meditation on that yesterday via this Streaming Doodle. Lovely!

Here is another one I did on the beach in Mexico recently….

How to create your own STREAMING DOODLE:

1st   Let go of any “I can’t’s”. This is for your eyes, your mind, your spirit only. Let it flow. Deep breath. Aaaaahhh.

2nd  Make a mark. Any mark will do…then, make another. What does it make you think of? Draw “that” or something that reminds you of “that”.

3rd Add in some words or a phrase.


The Streaming Doodle above started with the big wavy scribble that starts in the bottom left and goes up. Then, I just added all those other wavy scribbles and ripples to that shape and one thing led to another. I love the images of the flower pot and the thoughts those created. What are you “growing”. Are you watering what you are growing?

4th Keep doodling. Don’t let your inner judge criticize your doodles. At Creatively Fit we use art making as the vehicle, not the “product”. We are not trying to be master artists. We are simply using the activity of making your mark to access and strengthen our more subtle mental abilities, your intuition, your spirit, your “manifesting abilities”, etc.

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Go make your mark!

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