5 Clues that YOU are a Rainbow Warrior

If you are here, YOU are a Rainbow Warrior and that is very, very, very awesome!

But are you aware of your super powers?

Following are the 5 Clues that YOU are a Rainbow Warrior…

And you can listen to this recording in which I explain in more detail your Rainbow Warrior-ness!

#1 You feel misunderstood. Your expansive thinking can make others defensive because they are holding onto the past/current structures for security or to make them feel good about themselves.

There is No good or bad, right or wrong here. We each come into this life with a different blueprint. All the blueprints are perfect. Most of us just weren’t raised understanding the value of our Rainbow Warrior blueprint! 

#2 You have been called idealistic or accused of being a dreamer. Is your head “in the clouds?” Well, GOOD! Our idealistic expectations are actually tethered in the POTENTIAL we have to live life on this planet. We can create a world based in love rather than fear. Listen to the audio above for more detail. SO exciting to understand that your idealism is MEDICINE for the world, not a fault. Aho!

#3 You are a leader, or entrepreneur–you have too many ideas about how things could or should be to plug into another’s paradigm or system. You tend to end up in charge or leading in any group, social or business, because you have too many of your own ideas. You are an “idea person!” Yes! Yes!

#4 You highly value creativity, laughter, fun, adventure–these are high vibration activities that naturally align you with your higher self. For most of my life it was work before play and responsibility and duty above all else. That is heavy heavy compared to what feels natural to me–what is the point if I am not having fun!? Right!?

Listen to the audio to learn how YOUR commitment to fun and joy is actually helping tens of thousands of people around the world to heal and stretch into their divine assignment. 

#5 In the last 2-3 years you have found yourself tuning into at least one of the following: cycles of the moons, sacred times of the year (solstices, pagan holidays), the divine feminine or goddess archetypes, astrology, the elements (air, fire, water, earth), or personal creative expression. All of these are signs that the indigenous wisdom is attracting you and wanting to co-create with you in your “modern life.”

You have BIG FUN / WORK to do in this lifetime and we want to provide you with a powerful community that will amplify your desires and dreams. Join VISION QUEST starting September 11th, 2015 (read HERE if you want me, Whitney Freya, as your guide SO THAT you can be certified as a Creatively Fit Coach).

Still here? AWESOME! Then, I want you to enjoy this fun video…Rainbow Warriors are WILD WOMEN too!

If you can tell you are in the right place and you are ready to PLAY this fall, pick a time on my online scheduler HERE to chat with me, Whitney Freya.

Sending you lots of rainbow love,

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