Coherent & Incoherent Consciousness & Painting

Happy almost 2019!!

This is the time of year we are all encouraged to create visions, intentions, goals…and I know how easy it is to let this slide.

“I know, set my intention…yada yada yada.”

WELL, there is some exciting SCIENCE behind the power of PAINTING your vision or intention that I want to share with you.

It has to do with light, energy and LASERS!

Coherence v. Incoherence

I’ve been reading the book “Vibrational Medicine” by Richard Gerber, M.D.

In it he describes the nature of coherent and incoherent LIGHT.

For example, the light coming out of a typical light bulb is incoherent light. This light “moves randomly, with light waves travelling chaotically in all directions.”

On the other hand, coherent light is found in a LASER. All the light particles are focused in a singular direction.

They have found consciousness behaves the same way.

Read this from Dr. Gerber…


The key principle here is that coherent consciousness may display properties which go beyond ordinary waking consciousness. Going from incoherent random thought to coherent consciousness may be as powerful a transition as going from incandescent light to the brilliant energy of a laser beam By achieving this highly focused level of awareness we may be able to tap into normally unconscious or latent human abilities. Meditation and other mental disciplines (like painting in the way I and my Creatively Fit Coaches teach) may condition or “program” the physical and “subtle energetic” hardware of our sophisticated nervous system to gain access to higher levels of information.”



In his book “The Book of Secrets” Deepak Chopra breaks down awareness, consciousness, and the truth that humans ARE creators (whether we know it or not).

“Being a creator is more important than the whole world….Of all the liberating ideas that could change a person’s life, this one is perhaps the most freeing.”


Hmmmm…sounds like Rise Above, Free Your Mind One Brush Stroke at a Time!



So how to create this coherent, focused awareness that is directed like a laser beam towards EXACTLY what you want to experience in 2019??




#1 You are focusing your awareness the WHOLE time you are painting on exactly what you want.


#2 You are aligning with your CREATOR frequency because you ARE CREATING and that is obvious.


#3 You are able to take your painting home and it will continue to radiate the frequency of your desire AND remind you of that desire to help you to maintain COHERENCE in your consciousness / awareness.


What questions do you have? Comment below.

If you are reading this, your friend / Creatively Fit Coach might have sent you here because she has a workshop coming up to provide you with this exact opportunity. Do not hesitate to attend!


Personally, I am teaching a new year Sacred Symbol Workshop in Denver, CO on January 19th AND you can sign up for Vision Quest, The Creatively Fit Program starting February 15th (or the Creatively Fit Coaching Certification Program starting Feb. 4th, 2019 if you would like to teach this process to others.)


What I know for sure, for sure, is when you do, whatever you choose to paint WILL manifest into your reality. How quickly? THAT will depend only on how coherent you maintain your thoughts around your vision.

I want your WILDEST dreams coming true asap! How about you?

Let’s paint!





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