Invoking MAGIC Into Your Life

Who doesn’t want more MAGIC in their life?


Maybe you don’t think it really exists?

Sure you do!

You are here!

Enjoy this audio recording and Spreecast video (same content, but slightly different) and scroll down to read the 4 STEPS to Invoking the Magic.



Check out Invoke the Magic of Vision Quest on Spreecast.


4 STEPS to Invoking the Magic in the ART that is YOUR Life

Step #1

Get to know your LOGICAL Mind and your INTUITIVE Mind.

  • You have BOTH.
  • Logical mind = left brain = EGO = FEAR based = stores everything you KNOW & have experienced up until now.
  • Intuitive mind = right brain = Connected to Everything = LOVE based = responsible for learning ANYTHING new = loves change
  • They speak a different language.
  • MAGIC is inherently NOT logical. Right?
  • So more MAGIC = more synchronicities and coincidences = random thoughts are not “random” = suspending logic to make room for the magic.
  • We love BOTH sides of our mind.
  • Our Intuitive Mind simply hasn’t been accessed or validated as much as Logical Mind.
  • This is WHY we Vision Quest = create balance.


Step #2

Include your HEART in the equation.

  • Once you expand into your WHOLE brain, drop down into the heart.
  • The heart was never meant to be ruled by the mind. The HEART is meant to inform the mind.
  • This is where we tune into how we FEEL. Feelings are our internal guidance system. Whike making a decision, imagine into each choice–which one FEELS lighter and more expansive?
  • Feelings are how our Higher Self, your Soul, or God, speak to you.
  • Imagine a circular flow between your logical mind, intuitive mind and heART.

Step #3

Learn to see that FEAR is your FRIEND.

  • Did you know FEAR and EXCITEMENT produce the same energy in your body. So, now, instead of saying “I’m scared,” you can say “I am SO excited!”
  • FEAR stands at the threshold of your next NEW experience.
  • Fear brings you present, so you can let go of baggage and limiting beliefs.


Step #4

Take BOLD action.

  • You can follow the above three steps and get stuck here and your life will stay the same.
  • At some point you are going to have to leap into the unknown–“Leap and the net will appear.”
  • Your logical mind is programmed to resist all change.
  • Instead of scared, you are actually EXCITED because there is change ahead!
  • What bold action can you take today. Step INTO your fears. Don’t let them get you stuck.

We want to help you create a personal creative practice so that you can take these four steps to CREATE more happy, more peace and calm (enough stress!), and more fUN in your life!

Join us for the next Vision Quest or become a Creatively Fit Coach–and you can then LEAD others through Vision Quest!

Reach out to us to let us know you are ready to give your logical mind a well-deserved rest and invite in more magic!



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