TGIFF 4 . May 1, 2015 Elephant Paintings & Non-Duality Audio


Helloooo! Happy Freya Friday! I recorded my musings around NON-DUALITY to share with you. Why do you care about non-duality? Let’s just say it is the BIG ELEPHANT in the “room” these days. Our entire shift…new paradigm…depends on our ability to embrace non-dual thinking.

The good news is that in a non-dual reality, there is no BAD news! Yay! Click below to listen and the yellow button to download the audio. Share your thoughts with me in the comments below. Enjoy!

These are the most recent elephant paintings I created for our April 27th Artreach. Go HERE to read more about that event and how a group of women who thought they were going to an elephant sanctuary in Zimbabwe ended up being HEALED THEMSELVES by the elephants.

Happy Elephant_signed


Elephants are connected to the idea of NON-DUALITY because they embody the Divine Mother Love–which is non-dual in and of itself.

I call the painting above “Happy Elephant” and the one below “Sacred Elephant.”

Indian Elephant_signed

I call the painting below “Love Bug Elephants.” This was painted on top of a collaborative painting started at the Paint Big Retreat in mid April 2015.

Love Bug Elephants_signed

Paint your elephant painting while musing on non-duality and please share with me!!!!

Sending you abundant elephant love!


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  • Metuye88

    Is there a way to purchase a copy of the “love bugs” one? I am absolutely in love and it reminds me of my husband and I. We are dying to have it on our home!
    Thank you!

    • Whitney Freya

      Thank you, Alaina! Absolutely! Will you email me at connect(at) and I will let you know how to purchase it! 🙂

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