Red Rocks Speak to Me

For some reason red rocks take my breath away! Maybe that doesn’t sound like such a noteworthy fact, but when viewed from our infinite heARTs, our right hemisphere, infinitely creative minds, there is a message there.

This is Antelope Canyon, AZ (pictured above).

Then, whenever I see this image of Petra I also feel jolt of recognition…I LOVE it there…haven’t been yet…in this lifetime!


Finally, a place I KNOW I am going to this coming April 2014 for the next Journey Retreat (

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Red, or really the orange of these rocks, vibrates to our 2nd chakra…the creative, sensual, financial energy center of our physical (and subtle) bodies. Maybe these rocks, their color and energy, resonate with me so much that they create this visceral reaction.

As your Creative Muse, I encourage you to tune in to those images, symbols or colors that take your breath away. Go there. What is the message for you?

I inspire the ART that is your LIFE and your role as the ARTIST! Woohoo!

I look forward to connecting further.


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