10 Power Habits from OM Times

What struck me about these is that each of these are part of my  repertoire in my painting workshop. I will give you an example…

#1 Take responsibility Nobody else can paint your painting for you. 

#2 What do you really want Practice painting WHAT you want or the ENERGY of the DESIRE you want…the feelings you want to feel.

#3 Empower your questions Only ask yourself, “for example, “how can I paint this to make me even more joyful?” rather than, “Why can’t I make this work?

#4 Don’t blame others No one else made that mark, that color…that you don’t like.

#5 Don’t blame yourself You are learning. Every “mistake” shows you more clearly what you DO want your painting (life) to look like. 

#6 Give yourself permission to succeed.  I can teach anyone to paint! If “they” can, then YOU CAN TOO! 

#7 Challenge your assumptions. Just because UP UNTIL NOW you have told yourself that you “can’t even draw a straight line” doesn’t mean that is the truth. After teaching beginners, beginners for 17 years I can safely tell you that any assumptions that you CAN’T paint are false. 

#8 Take your head out of the trash I often catch your inner critic weighing in in front of the canvas, “See, I knew I couldn’t do this…” I often say to my class, “Don’t tell me what is not working–tell me WHAT YOU WANT!” All said with love, of course.

#9 Keep a daily action journal If YOU don’t take action, no one else is going to paint your painting. Every time you lift the paint brush and MAKE YOUR MARK you are empowering your infinite creative heART!

#10 Keep a daily gratitude journal You don’t paint things that you don’t like. Of course not. We paint things that we love…we are grateful they exist. The focus on this image that you love during a painting process is an exercise in CREATING gratitude. 


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