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Ignite Your Sacred Spark

Buy Whitney Freya’s line of Sacred Symbol Stencils to infuse your paintings & the art that is your life with the energy you create!

Artual is a divinely designed line of powerful products that Ignite your Sacred Spark.

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Immerse Yourself in Flow

Sometimes we need to swim within our subconscious to find shiny pearls of possibility. ~WF

Join Whitney at one of her LIVE events for an immersive & transformative experience.

AUSTRALIA March 2017…click on Journeys to read more.

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Coach Your Artist Within

Creatively Fit Coaches coach their clients to live as LIFE ARTISTS. ~WF

Creatively Fit is an international certification program for Life or Business Coaches, Artists, Art Teachers…anyone who wants to inspire others. when you VISION QUEST with Whitney Freya as your guide you will be certified as a Creatively Fit Coach.

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Inspire Creative Community

At our core, we need to connect , express, and be seen… I believe that’s the real reason behind the power of the web. ~WF

Join Whitney’s latest Online Super Soul Flow Program. Read more…

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