Your soul knows this.Your soul knows the feeling of complete and utter freedom, even if you don’t right now.

Your soul knows that it swims within and is one with the field of infinite potential, even if you don’t…

Your soul knows that you, also, have access to this “flow” in this lifetime.

Allow me to guide you into a personal practice that will infuse your life with new energy, enthusiasm and optimism.

Super Soul Flow: The (ONLINE) Project

There are 12 lessons  with a simple painting meditation that you can create for yourself by just spending 10-20 minutes at the canvas daily or a couple times a week. JOIN ANY TIME. 


Super Soul Flow, sneak a peek video…

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pay $25 a month for 12 months for LIFETIME access.

*part of your membership to Super Soul Flow goes to R.I.S.E., an orphanage in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our $500 monthly donation sponsors FOUR children! Visit R.I.S.E. on Facebook HERE.

*if you join NOW, no matter what date it is, you will only pay the $15/month through December 2015. You will have access to the content forever–at least 5 years! So join anytime and stretch yourself into a new spiritual practice that will bring full color action to your soul’s journey in this lifetime.

Super Soul Flow

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Super Soul Flow . The Project . JOIN NOW

When we come into alignment with that which makes our heART sing, that which makes us vibrate with joy, that which we want to shout from the rooftops and share with everyone we know, that is when we experience SUPER SOUL FLOW.


In the Super Soul Flow: The Project, Whitney Freya is going to guide you into the space where you can FEEL this energy of Super Soul Flow. Once you FEEL it, you can continue to create and expand this energy into more and more of your life.


We have experienced smallness, hesitation, self-doubt, self-criticism, and fear. We have experienced this in perfect timing so that NOW we can KNOW that we can also choose bigness, boldness, confidence, optimism and joy!

Does it sound too big? Too dreamy?

Let Whitney Freya bring it back down for you, back down into a manageable, learnable, arena. Whitney Freya is about to take you up to and, then, BEYOND the canvas into the art that is your life!

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The canvas is where we get to know our


The canvas is where we get to observe the patterns and/or beliefs that have held us back, kept us small and fearful,


Now is when we get to


The Super Soul Flow Project Experience…

  • We get to create a personal painting experience that shifts fear to excitement, hesitation to spontaneity, criticism to positivity, and “I am less than…” to “I AM the sole creator of my experience.
  • Along the way, you will have intimate contact with Whitney Freya and be able to share how she can create an even MORE joyful, expansive and inspiring experience, an experience that she is creating into a book to be published in 2016.
  • The vision is to align as many people as possible with their own Super Soul Flow. 
  • This experience is diverse. If you have never painted, but always had the desire or been curious, this is for you. If you are a proclaimed “left brainer,” but believe in mindFULLness and are interested in self-growth, this is for you. If you are as passionate as Whitney Freya is about giving permission to others to CREATE the life they desire, this is for you.
  • It all begins for you right now. You can easily start any time.

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  • An eBook “Chapter” from the Super Soul Flow book manuscript,
  • A writing prompt for your Super Soul Flow journal,
  • A painting exercise appropriate for both experienced painters or total beginners,
  • The opportunity to guide Whitney Freya’s creative process with your feedback, stories, suggestions, etc.,
  • Connection to a creative community, 200 strong, who makes personal empowerment, inspiration, joy and expansion top priority,
  • Connection to an inspired community on Whitney’s Nexus site.

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$197 to Join for LIFETIME access.

With your membership fee we support R.I.S.E., an orphanage in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Our $500 monthly donation will sponsor FOUR children! Visit R.I.S.E. on Facebook HERE.

5I am writing a book that can serve the greater good as much as possible.

I am making painting accessible to EVERYONE by clearly illuminating why the canvas is such a powerful portal to aligning with our CREATOR selves and the statement, “I AM the sole creator of my experience.”

It occurred to me that I do not have to do this alone, that if I really have a heART to serve others that my book would be exponentially enhanced from the collaborative process.

This is part of the new paradigm…co-creation, collaboration, inter-connectivity, and service.


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Have you read the story of the 100th monkey? The premise is that there is a “tipping point” in regards to the universal consciousness. That tipping point is symbolized by the number 100, or for our purposes 200. So when TWO hundred of us create and experience Super Soul Flow it can then spread like wildfire throughout the world. Also, with 200 people, the “studies” we create as research for the book can be translated easily and expanded effortlessly.

Just the idea for this project was received by me in a moment, in a state of Super Soul Flow. It FOUND me. It said, “you don’t have to do this alone.” YOU are my co-author. YOU will be recognized in the book as such, with the link to connect with you further.

This is about all of you. We will create it from the beginning; birth it, from that energy of collaboration and community. In 2016 we continue the creation of Super Soul Flow, the book.

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OR pay $25 a month for 12 months HERE.

See you soon!