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Personal Sacred symbol session in person or Skype with Whitney Freya. See below for all the juicy details.


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Join Whitney Freya on a personal and private 2 hour sacred symbol session and enjoy Whitney’s Sacred Symbol Video Painting Meditations, Guided Meditations and Sacred Symbol Language Audio Program. Whitney will help you identify your personal sacred symbol and coach you thru a process that helps you see why this symbol could be sharing with you it’s ancient message with you. These sessions are like combining spirituality, art, and deep wisdom that help you get more in touch with your soul’s language

Painting Meditation Design







Enjoy 5 Painting Meditation Videos

In these videos, you watch as Whitney Freya paints the sacred symbols for CONSCIOUSNESS, LIGHT, WISDOM, DELIGHT (the Divine Feminine), and SPIRIT.

Each video is 5 to 8 minutes in length and provides you with an incredible vehicle for personal energy work. Feeling stressed? Worried? Overwhelmed? Watching these sacred symbols emerge in full color from the canvas will create your movement back to your center.

Guided Meditation design








Enjoy 6 Guided Meditations

Plug into the ancient wisdom of sacred symbols with these guided AUDIO meditations. The 6 Guided Meditations will connect you to the energies of: Intuition, Abundance, Opportunity, Love, Peace, and Courage.

Sacred Symbol Language Program








Receive the Ancient Language of Sacred Symbols in Whitney Freya’s accessible and fun manner.

There are THREE PARTS to this Sacred Symbol Language Audio Program.

Part ONE: Whitney Freya shares 3 Ways that Sacred Symbols
are able to communicate with our consciousness. Have you heard of a Gamma brain
wave? Did you know that your psyche has a history or that symbols are being
given to you daily by your divine guidance to assist you along your life’s path?
Tune in to this fun, casual conversation with Whitney Freya to open up to the
sacred symbol magic!

Part TWO: You CREATE energy! Everything is energy and these sacred symbols are powerful portals to energy that will align you with your soul’s most authentic expression in this lifetime. In this audio learn what Cyndi Dale, Masuro Emoto and feng shui have to share with us about the way to use sacred symbols for energy healing.

Part THREE:  The YANTRA In this last part of
the Sacred Symbol Language Series, Whitney Freya shares her own personal
journey into the YANTRA. Learn how any image or sacred symbol can be used to
enhance your meditation practice and create change in limiting thoughts that
are unconsciously limiting your potential.


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