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Ignite Your Sacred Spark

Buy Whitney Freya’s line of Sacred Symbol Stencils to infuse your paintings & the art that is your life with the energy you create!

Artual is a divinely designed line of powerful products that Ignite your Sacred Spark.

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Immerse Yourself in Flow

Sometimes we need to swim within our subconscious to find shiny pearls of possibility. ~WF

Join Whitney at one of her LIVE events for an immersive & transformative experience.

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Coach Your Artist Within

Creatively Fit Coaches coach their clients to live as LIFE ARTISTS. ~WF

Creatively Fit is an international certification program for Life or Business Coaches, Artists, Art Teachers…anyone who wants to inspire others.

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Inspire Creative Community

At our core, we need to connect , express, and be seen… I believe that’s the real reason behind the power of the web. ~WF

Nexus offers online programs like the Buddha Painting Program, Super Soul Flow, the 21 Day Painting Meditation and more.

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Just like creativity, spirituality comes in an infinite palette of colors and expressions. It is Whitney’s mission and pleasure to inspire you to explore art making as a form of meditation and life inquiry. She believes that using the medium of art is a portal to merge healing, energy, and awareness thru the practice, ritual, and play of intentional creativity. Whitney considers it her honor and blessing to help reconnect your mind to our infinitely creative heart, helping you to lighten and brighten your life into the masterpiece canvas of your soul. book2

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“I coach you to live as a LIFE ARTIST.” ~Whitney Freya

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life … Pablo Picasso

Some heal through medicine, some through writing, others through listening. And then there are those few who heal thru the intentional act of mindful creativity. Whitney is one of these unique urban muses and an extraordinary woman whose focus and devotion is to help people reconnect to their “infinitely creative hearts”.



Join Whitney Freya’s Vision Quest . The Creatively Fit Program starting September 11th, 2015. Do you feel the call to deep dive into your own journey of self-care, mystery, and personal evolution?

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She sources her work from a wilder place that keeps its eyes open to all the shades and hues of life.

The truest form of innocence is one who remains curious and delighted by possibility. Whitney is no woo woo spiritually toting rose-colored glasses card member. Many fear the blank canvas, whether that be literally or as a metaphor for life. Whitney encourages us to be open, be teachable, and be  brave in life and in art.

She also considers her family of Creatively Fit Coaches one of her biggest gifts in this life. Meet some of these tremendous souls HERE.

Her passion is lived in full technicolor, and her palette is expanded with each person who also embraces living as a LIFE ARTIST.

  • I can’t tell you how excited I am about painting, my life, my creativity, my world, etc….  This has really gotten my energy flowing.  When I’m painting I’m working out all my problems of the day…but the beauty is that I’m not thinking and analyzing…I just paint and end up at a better place.   I’m really amazed at how energized and excited I feel about everything …. who knew just using that other side of my brain could make such a difference.

    Tammy Roth
    Tammy Roth
  • I am a professional nutritional consultant and have been trying for years to find a way to experience more calm and less stress in my life. In the first week of the Artist Within program I experienced the peace for which I had been searching. The simple creativity exercises showed me instantly how the key to the calmness was in accessing my right brain. I am enjoying my little daughter more, am less stressed with my husband gone so much AND feel this new, incredible BALANCE in my life. I have done yoga and meditation, but nothing that compares to the results I have experienced from your Creatively Fit Program! Thank you!

  • I want to thank you for everything you have taught me and for the push you have given me to paint. I am painting and creating on a regular basis now, and I feel so good about that. I just did the paper mask face in your book, it turned out pretty cool.  Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    L. Dudding
    L. Dudding
  • Whitney’s high-energy, focused, and creative workshop kept us rapt and interested. She was engaging, informative, and fun while introducing new ideas and alternative ways of thinking to create different methods for me, personally, to approach my business plan and writing. I used several of her ideas immediately, which resulted in a beneficial behavioral and attitude change in my son, and bought her book after her workshop. I read and/or work an exercise from it before I even open my email Inbox every business day, and my son and I use her suggestions for arts and crafts exercises to “get creatively fit” and spend time together. I highly recommend Whitney for whatever capacity any business or organization desires of her.  August 20, 2009

    Tomi Wiley
    Tomi WileyTN Writer’s Assoc.
  • ALOHA WHITNEY! It has taken me this long to finally try the paint kits… But OMG… I LOVE THEM!!! I can’t stop painting… I have found that I enjoy using my finger(s) instead of the brushes. Now I am trying different mediums as well. I don’t think about WHAT I am trying to paint, I just paint! And have done (what I believe) are the most beautiful paintings ever that I have created!!! Both my Mom and sister are artists, but me… I can’t even draw stick people very well. I know that I am a creative person, but in different ways. I guess all I needed was a little MOTIVATION to send me on my way! MAHALO Whitney for your WONDERFUL paint kits, and book as well! Many abundant blessings.

    Creatively Fit in Hawaii
    Creatively Fit in Hawaii
  • Physically, this book is a riot of various media and concepts for working with clay, jewelry sculpture, paper, paint, creating mandalas and stretching your imagination. The book oozes energy with its unconventional and splashy graphic design. (Click to read full review)

    Helen Gallagher
    Helen GallagherFreelance Writer
  • Not only was she just fun to have as a speaker, but Whitney really engaged the NAWBO Nashville crowd with her wit and energy. We had a blast doing her creativity exercises…  (Click to read full review)

    Liz Jenkins
    Liz JenkinsA Fresh Space

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